Letter to Leonard Cheshire from Eric Farmer



Letter to Leonard Cheshire from Eric Farmer


Letter from Eric Farmer (ex RAF Sergeant) stating he used to be with Cheshire on 35 Squadron requesting asking him to give talk to the Dewsbury British Legion.




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Two page handwritten letter


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29, Kimberley St.,
Thornhill Lees

Dear Sir,
Some time ago I was a member of the same units as yourself, namely 35 Squadron and 1652 C.U., and I was able to come in contact with you. I dont [sic] suppose for a moment that you will remember me but I had had the privilege of flying with on more than one occasion.
However, to get to the point, I was discharged from the service in September ’42 and have since become a member of the British Legion. It is in connection with this that I require your valuable assistance.

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Will you come and address a public meeting for us? The subject is your own choice; the date will be arranged to suit you, Sunday afternoon would be most suitable.
The meeting will be held in Dewsbury Town Hall and the proceedings reported to the press.
If you will do this for our local branch of the British Legion you will help it to become firmly established in this district.
Will you forward to me a list of your most suitable dates at your earliest convenience and I shall be sincerely grateful.
Yours faithfully
Eric Farmer (ex Sgt. R.A.F.)
Hon. Secretary Social Committee



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