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Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a boy and a toddler in a wooden cart.
Photo 2 is a siamese cat.
Photo 3 is five airmen and five woman captioned 'Netheravon - Guest Night [undecipherable] Robinson Self'.

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Peter sitting on a deckchair.
Photo 2 is Peter holding a dog, captioned 'Self & Geodie Upavon/N'Avon 1955?'.
Photo 3 is a man holding a baby with a girl and a boy watching, captioned 'Chris Mason…

Six officers standing on a lawn. Behind is a house and bushes. On the reverse -
Some of the new blokes during junior term
L to R
Peter H
"Flappers" Cock (EARS) Australia
Pat Harris Devon
Jimmie Clife Australia
Alec Gould…

Six airmen are standing beside the port side of a biplane. In the background part of a second aircraft and a hangar.
On the reverse -
'"A" Flight (Netheravon)
L to R
"Tiger" Tarlinton, Australia
Graeme-Evans, New Zealand
Bunker, England

Seven men forming a tug of war team. In the background are spectators, huts and a marquee. On the reverse ' Tug O'-war team of junior [indecipherable] at N'avon.
L. to R. Chris Hackworth
"Junior" (James)
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