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  • Collection: Quine, John Wakeford

Top left - airborne view of clouds below. Wing of aircraft bottom left. Captioned 'Between Midland and El Paso'. On the reverse 'Midland El Paso'. Top right airborne view of clouds and land below. Aircraft wing bottom left. Captioned 'Just before…


Top left - front quarter view of AT6A with engine covers and starboard front fuselage panels removed. Captioned 'Violent use of brakes'. Middle - view of AT6A dashboard inside cockpit. Captioned 'Cockpit of AT6A'. Bottom right - front quarter view…

Top - group of men in khaki uniform and side caps marching along path to the right. In the distance some isolated buildings. Captioned 'The walk to the flight line'. Middle left - line of AT6As from right to left distance facing left. Captioned 'Yes…

Airborne view of an AT6A with pilot in front cockpit with canopy back. Below are clouds and fields. Captioned 'AT6A in flight'. Includes scan of photograph.

Top left - front view of AT6A in middle. Front left is a wing tip. To the right in the distance an AT6 facing away and further back, buildings. Captioned 'The bloody tower'. Middle right ' A man wearing khaki uniform with one foot up on fuselage…

Top left - Inside barrack room. Six men wearing battledress sitting round a tables studying books. Two other men stand looking at them. Captioned 'a night binding'.
Top right - two men in khaki uniform standing in front of a building. Man on the…

Top left - thirteen men sitting and standing in a doorway. Some are wearing RAF battledress. Man at front wearing shirt and tie holds a plate. Caption 'Yakes birthday cake'.
Middle right - five men wearing khaki uniform standing on steps in front…


Seven men, five wearing RAF tunic and one on the left a suit and tie. In the centre a woman with coat over her shoulders. In the background trees and houses.

Seven men in shirtsleeves sitting round a table covered with plates, cups and saucers. In the background an open wall cupboard.

Six men wearing RAF tunic in line one behind the other with hands on shoulders of person in front. At the front a woman wearing skirt and top. In the background trees and houses.

Five men bent down in a group with one with hands out, In the background bare trees.

Eight men mostly wearing tunic standing with a woman wearing dark coat in front of a car. In the background part of a house.

Five men wearing RAF tunic standing with a woman in centre with coat over her shoulders. In the background trees and houses.

Top left - view down a bank covered with bare trees to a river below. Captioned 'Mississippi through the trees'.
Top right - two men wearing RAF tunic standing either side of a sailor. Captioned 'You, Me and Us two'.
Bottom left - on the left…


Distant view of a river running left to right with trees in bare front and square water treatment pools between. Captioned 'The Mississippi near the chain of rocks bridge'. A scan of the photograph is included.

Top left - in the foreground a star in flowers surrounded by masses of flora. captioned 'Inside the Jewel Box'.
Top right - In the centre a man wearing tunic and with hands clasped in front stands amid masses of flora with wooden roof on left.…

Distant shot of a large display greenhouse surrounded by parkland. Captioned 'The Jewel Box, St Louis'. Includes scan of photograph.

Top left - A woman wearing fur coat standing on path by a car. In the background houses. Captioned 'Jean'.
Top right - Two women wearing fur coats sitting on a bench with a child on lap of lady on the left. In the background bare trees. Captioned…

Top left - Four men and a woman looking in a shop window. Men are wearing tunics and side caps. One is talking to woman, one is looking at camera. Captioned - 'Window shopping in Chicago'.
Bottom right - Column of men in military uniform marching .…


Top left - Two rows of PT19As from front to back all parked on grass field. Captioned 'PTs after a hard day'.
Middle right - airborne view of clouds below with rear of wing on right. Captioned 'Just clouds at 4000''.
Bottom left - front quarter…


Top right - rear quarter view of an AT6 with foreword starboard fuselage panels removed. Bent propeller to right, A man wearing flying jacket stands behind starboard wing root. In the background trees and a hut. Captioned 'No Doc Did''nt [sic] do…

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Top left - interior view of dining hall with chairs and tables. Captioned 'Dining hall'. Middle right - in the foreground open grass area beyond which is a fence running left to right with tree on right and a telegraph pole to the left. In the…

Five men wearing battledress and side caps walking towards camera on snow covered path. Background right a building with windows. Captioned 'One morning after class'. Surrounded by abstract border. Included is scan of photograph.


Top right - oblique aerial photograph over wing of open countryside at low level. Captioned 'Low flying'.
Middle left - oblique aerial photograph over wing of farmland. Captioned '1000' over Mindenmines'.
Bottom right - oblique aerial photograph…

Top left - a dog sitting on grass in front of a bush. Part of a building on the left. Captioned 'Meal time?'.
Centre right - in the centre a steam train engine moving to the left on tracks through snow covered ground. Captioned 'Must have seen this…


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