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Richard Harrison was born in Germany to an English father and German mother and grew up in Gloucester. He served in the Home Guard and the Air Training Corps. He joined the Royal Air Force and served as a clerk at RAF Tempsford before being posted to…

Course details for the 51 air gunner initial training school and enemy aircraft gunnery school.

A list of instructions on the use of a turret and its guns.

Photograph 1 is a vertical image of bombs dropping from one B-24 onto a second.
Photograph 2 is the damaged B-24 on the ground showing the damage. Two crew are looking through the damaged areas.
The caption describes in some detail the events. The…

Details evasive manoeuvres and gunnery. Three paragraphs - 'Sighting' - Tail Gunner, Evasive Action - the'Corkscrew' and Tail Gunner - aiming during the 'Corkscrew'.

A port side image of a B-24 Mk VI showing the eight crew positions.

A list of the course at 13 air gunner school.

A list of the coverage of the eight week course at 76 Operational Training Unit.

Two photographs from a scrapbook.
Photograph 1 is two airmen, one a sergeant, standing with their hands in their pocket, the left hand airman is Ron Harrison. Behind is a tent. It is captioned 'The Crew's Gunnners'.
Photograph 2 is a naked airman,…

An extract from Ron Harrison's log book detailing his operations as an air gunner with 70 Squadron between 2 March 1945 and 24 March 1945. Details targets in Italy, Yugoslavia and Austria: Verona, Pola, Gemona, Padua, Monfalcone, Bruck, Pragersko and…
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