Bombs dropping onto B-24



Bombs dropping onto B-24


Photograph 1 is a vertical image of bombs dropping from one B-24 onto a second.
Photograph 2 is the damaged B-24 on the ground showing the damage. Two crew are looking through the damaged areas.
The caption describes in some detail the events. The pilot was Squadron Leader L. Saxby and bomb aimer was Pilot Officer G. T. Baker are seen in the second photograph. The wireless operator Flight Sergeant Hurst was hit in the back and rendered unconscious.



Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage



Two b/w photographs from a scrapbook


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Bombs dropped by a 70 Squadron Liberator cascade on to V for Victor of 37 Squadron during a raid on the shipyards at Manfalcone, Italy on 16 March 1945. Although the bombs had not fallen far enough to become ‘live’ the perspex in Wally Lewis’s mid-upper turret and the port inner propeller were both ripped away, leaving a large hole in the fuselage behind Squadron Leader L. Saxby, the pilot, and hitting Flight Sergeant Cliff Hurst, the WOP, in the back, leaving him unconscious. However, V for Victor limped home to Tortorella, more than 300 miles away and landed safely. Squadron Leader Saxby and his bomb aimer P/O G.T. Barker can be seen inspecting the damage.



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