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Wife's ration card for clothing and textiles.


Unused child's ration card for clothing and textiles.


Groom's ration card for clothing and textiles


The flyer seeks to undermine the German military virtue of obstinacy arguing that to show such a quality when the war was clearly lost and Germany was in flames amounted to criminal indifference, apathy and short-sightedness. It accuses the German…

Six figures in various poses (marching, standing, playing the bugle) depicting foot soldiers from different periods.

These objects were originally part of a larger set used by Alberto Dini to pass the time while inside a shelter in Trieste. …

The permit entitles Giovanni Granata to circulate freely in Trieste during alarms, at his own risk.


The board game has 78 spaces, numbered from one to 78, and arranged in spiral fashion. Players’ pieces are moved according to throws of one or two dice. Each square contains simple figures and a brief text about anti-aircraft precautions. Players…

Report on the condition of a domestic shelter, with notes on the condition of items of clothing that have been stored inside.

Instructions how to deal with a new type of small incendiary the Royal Air Force started to use. Advice includes: do not use water; put all the incendiaries in a hole dug in the ground; ask the assistance of the Unione Nazionale Protezione Antiaerea…

Following the destruction of a church in Trieste, the leaflet contrasts the horrors of unrestricted bombing warfare with the hypocrisy of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. They describe themselves as devoutly religious despite ordering the…

Account of the 6 July 1944 bombing of Trieste written by a typist of the Servola ironworks. The first part of the document details the effects of the explosions and mentions some of the impact points: the ammunition dump and the oil refinery. The…
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