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  • Collection: Dyde, Frederick William. Photo Album

The letter expresses regret that, due to illness, he was unable to meet them. He complements Fred for being one of their best and most popular crew members.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 and 2 are captioned October 1943 and show the funeral procession and guard of honour.
#3 and 4 show the guard of honour at Fred's grave side and firing a salute. It is captioned 'October 1943 Mourners Grandpa…

A brief newsclipping about Fred's death on active service.

The first letter is to Fred's mother and refers to her war gratuity.
The second letter itemises the sums to be paid to Fred's mother and father.

The first telegram advises that his son, Fred, has been lost in an accident.
The second advises that Fred can be buried at Bottesford or in the RAF regional [message incomplete].

A letter to Fred's mother explaining he is fine and has his new dentures.

Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a group of 13 air gunners. Each man is named on the photograph and it is captioned '46 course A/Gs'. Behind is a riveted steel structure.
#2 is seven men comprising five airmen and two civilians. They are…

A list of 15 operations undertaken by Fred.

Two group photographs of trainees.
#1 is a large group arranged in eight rows.
#2 is a group of 15 trainees arranged in three rows.

A head and shoulders portrait of Fred, captioned November 1939.
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