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  • Collection: Johnston, Ruth

Head and shoulders portrait of Ruth Johnston in uniform.

A full length image of Ruth in WAAF uniform. She is carrying her greatcoat.

Covers of Ruth Johnston's cartoon album.

Front sheet of the album with Ruth's service number, rank and base.

Four blank sheets

A cartoon circle of airmen and women with a central, distressed figure, annotated 'Panic!! in the Parachute Section. "Give me ROOM!!" I don't know where I am! Etc etc.'

A cartoon of a moustached officer with two dachshunds. He is saying 'How now me proud beauties'.

A cartoon of three parachute section WAAFs distressed by demands from airmen. The demands are annotated.

13 faces with mugs of beer. Each man has signed underneath. Further annotated '608 Squadron'.

A cartoon of a parachute packer at work annotated with orders and demands.

A cartoon of four meals, all toast and cocoa. On the right are faces which start happy but become sad then angry as the food does not vary.

A cartoon of an officer on a plinth with a sergeant on one knee saying 'Yes sir, please sir, well you see sir, Its like this sir, you see sir, natter, natter'.

A cartoon of a worker annotated 'Sonny (Britain's Lightening[sic] Worker) sews on "D" rings - or thinks about it'.

A cartoon of a corporal with his eyes closed and his arms outstretched like a bird. He is 'flying' amongst clouds.

A cartoon of the parachute packers delivering parachutes to air crews only to find they have already taken off. Annotated 'After much flapping and nattering we arrive at the flights to find that the air crews have just taken off'.

A cartoon of the WAAFs on a route march. First they are all worn out, then they have beer and drinks and finally they are marching very properly.

A disgruntled WAAF with a bucket, brushes and pokers. She comments 'Just look at my grate'.

A cartoon of four airmen smoking pipes and cigarettes beside a sign prohibiting smoking.

A cartoon of an airman inside a barrel, seen from the back.

A cartoon of Hughes crashing through 15 doors to reach two bottles of beer.

A cartoon of an airman with a halo and four WAAFs fainting because he did not want a parachute bag.

A cartoon of seven airmen with shovels over their shoulders being led by an eighth with a large moustache. They are singing 'Hi-ho hi-ho Its off to work we go'. Four of the men have signed their names.

A cartoon of an aircraft diving vertically to the ground. Hank is relaxed but in the back Peter is saying 'Aw 'ell'.

A cartoon of various mishaps with parachutes, life rafts, flares and lifejackets.

A cartoon of men and women dancing, annotated ' "Van Pan" indulges in a spot of elevation assisted by Don & ably supported by the Corps de Ballet'.
There are six signatures on the page.
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