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Harry Redgrave's sergeant stripes.


A view of the Sackville Hotel at Bexhill-on-Sea. This is where Harry Redgrave was billeted.

A view across the beach with groynes, beached small boats and a few people. On the reverse 'St Leonards Beach. Pier and RAF place in the distance'.

Henry Redgrave's wife, Jessie sitting on a rowing boat. She is wearing a dress and hat, and her feet are in shallow water.

Harry Redgrave's wife, Jessie, sitting in a deckchair. She is wearing a dress, coat and hat. Behind her a man is sat on a bench and is smoking.

Unidentified woman sitting on a rowing boat. She is wearing a dress and her feet are in the water.

A view of the sea front promenade: rough seas and only one man in view. On the reverse 'Taken from bedroom - looking due south'.

A view of the old town of Hastings, in a valley between two headlands. On the reverse 'Hastings old Town. Join this one with the other. Put it on the left'.

A portrait image of the sea front promenade at Bexhill, looking towards Hastings. Only two pedestrians visible. On the reverse 'Somewhat the same, we drill on the prom here, just beyond the shelter'.

A view along the promenade at Bexhill, taken from a hotel window. There are four cyclists and a person walking a dog plus a group of men. On the reverse 'From our bed room. D flight just rounding the corner. The white building in the distance is…

Looking down on the sea front of Hastings. There is a jetty and a large number of small boats on the beach. A large lido is also visible. The sea is breaking over the jetty. On the reverse 'Hastings Old Town'.

Three civilians seated in the cockpit of an Anson. All are smiling and two have raised cups in their hands.


Full length studio portrait of Jessie Redgrave. She is wearing a full length coat and carrying a handbag.

Jessie Redgrave on Harry's motorcycle. She is wearing goggles. Behind are fields and in the distance a building.

Harry Redgrave is lying on the grass with his head on a log with trees behind. He is wearing a long coat and boots.

Harry Redgrave sitting on a grassy slope.

Harry sitting on his motorcycle. Behind are fields and, in the distance, a building.

Half-length portrait of Harry Redgrave sitting at a table with a patterned tablecloth.

A young Harry Redgrave sitting on a deck chair at the beach. Behind him are a number of visitors, some dressed in hats and coats.

Leslie's Stores, Southend, where Harry Redgrave worked pre-war.
Photograph 1 is the exterior with a 1938/39 Austin 10/4 delivery van parked outside. Leslie's Stores are described as a 'Free Full Off Licence' and address given on van as 5…

A view of Harry and Jessie's bungalow 'Redwood' in Southend.


Jessie Redgrave is kneeling by the cross marking her husband Harry Redgrave's grave in a churchyard.

A cross marking the grave of Sergeant Harry Redgrave in a churchyard.

Harry Redgrave's grave marked with a standard headstone.

30 airmen of different ranks and aircrew trades arranged in two rows in front of a hangar. The front row is seated, the second row is standing.
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