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Flight from RAF Elsham Wolds to RAF Tibenham then on to Berlin (Gatow) with 15 passengers.

Flight from RAF Elsham Wolds to RAF Tibenham and then to Berlin (Gatow) with 15 passengers.

Top left - faded photograph of a pier. Captioned 'West pier Brighton from my room in the Met - Normal, 16.10.45'.
Top right - view of pier and sea front. Captioned 'West pier again during the gale, 20.10.45'.
Bottom right - view of pier. Captioned…

Top left - view of lake and trees. Captioned 'Kew Gardens 20.9.45'.
Top right - over exposed image of trees. captioned 'Kew Gardens, 20.9.45'.
Bottom left - view of multi-story pagoda. Captioned 'Pagoda - Kew Gardens, 20.9.45'.
Bottom right - a…


The letter advises Doreen that they have no further news about her husband's burial.
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