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She thanks her for her letter. She has heard from Teddy too. She asks about recovering his possessions from the RAF.

Two items, a page with Berlin and the date 2/2/44 and a navigation plot to Berlin.


States he has no vacancy at the moment but will have in a few days and writes he would like him then.

To chief engineer of Messier Aircraft Equipment Ltd thanking him for diary. Provides a pleasant memory of three years flying Halifax. Writes he is now flying Lancaster but hopes they can meet again.

An incomplete copy of Pilot Officer A Baker’s (1080466 Royal Air Force) Wireless Operator’s flying log book 8 December 1942 to April 1944. He served at RAF Dunholme Lodge, Aircraft flown were Lancaster and Oxford. He carried out a total of 30…

Airgraph from Flight Sergeant Jim Cahir to his mother from his Prisoner of War camp in Germany. He writes hoping they are all well and tells them that he is okay; that time drags but he is kept occupied with lectures and talks; and is attending…
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