Letter to Connie Thornhill from B Parrott



Letter to Connie Thornhill from B Parrott


She thanks her for her letter. She has heard from Teddy too. She asks about recovering his possessions from the RAF.




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12 Southern Cross Ave
Dear Mrs Thornhill
I was delighted to get your letter [symbol] to know you had a letter from your husband I had one from Teddy too [symbol] he seems to be alright thank God. he said the food is very good all red cross issue he asked me to claim his personal kit from the R.A.F [symbol] to send him his shaving kit [symbol] tooth brush I have written to Colnbrook but have had no reply yet I wonder will there be any difficulty in getting
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them [symbol] have I written to the right place perhaps you could let me know. of course we shall not be able to send anything to them until we have their permanent address. I am very grieved to hear about the three who lost their lives as we were so looking forward to Teddy bringing Mickey home with him on his last leave I had all preparation made for them when I got the telegram to say they were missing [symbol] we were hoping sincerely that they were all alive [symbol] prisoners they were such a fine bunch
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although I hadn’t the pleasure of knowing them in person I felt I [deleted] know [/deleted] knew them all as Teddy talked so much about them [symbol] all the praise he had for them he used to say the pilot was the best in the squadron.
may God have mercy on them [symbol] give them a place in his heavenly home. what an experience for out boy’s to have had I’m sure they felt it very much. it is really a miracle that they escaped with their lifes [sic] [symbol] not even wounded keep on praying my dear [symbol] get masse’s said when ever you can as there is nothing
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better you can do. needless to say we all here are praying constantly for them [symbol] please God it will all be over very soon [symbol] we will have them home again then we shall meet [symbol] celebrate. it’s a shame you cannot get over here it would do you good to have a change but I understand how difficult it is. I am enclosing two little leaflets for you. you will see how great is the power of the mass [symbol] the goodness [symbol] wonders of our ‘Lady’. I will close now with very best wishes [symbol] very kindest regards for all here
yours very sincerely
B Parrott



B Parrott, “Letter to Connie Thornhill from B Parrott,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 25, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/39180.

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