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Front page of a newsheet covering world wide military activity, Series 10 No 3, Two cents. Lead articles about Papuan campaign in the Pacific and Russian successes. Other reports cover North African campaign, German attacks on the south coast and…


Front page of military newsheet, Series 10 Issue 1. Two cents. Covering world wide military activity. Leading articles cover advances by the allied forces in North Africa and Russian successes in the East. Shorter reports on attacks on the Japanese…


A booklet with a listing of former pupils that died in the Second World War. It includes a photograph of the deceased and a brief description.

Left - a servicemen wearing khaki uniform with foliage in the background. Captioned 'Frank Leary in the jungle at Lae'.
Right - a group of servicemen standing and sitting in jungle. Captioned 'Frank and cobbers in New Guinea'.
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