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Hopes the photographs he sent arrived alright and describes where some were taken including those of squadron doing drill. Catches up with family news and gossip. Mentions good food, no air raids in the United States unlike at home. Writes a little…

Writes that he had returned to Moncton after being eliminated from pilot training and that after being boarded at Trenton Ontario, he re-mustered as an observer. Goes back to describe his activities while at Moncton including local sightseeing,…

Starts with account of movements in RAF for 1941. Continues lwith entries for daily activities. Embarks Greenock, Leaves Milford Haven on 8 January for voyage across Atlantic and describes voyage to Canada. Arrives Moncton 20 January describes daily…

Top - train on track in middle of town with a figure standing in front. Building on the right and car of left. Captioned 'Traffic stops while the daily special leaves Sarasota'.
Bottom left - view of sea across shore, captioned 'view of Siesta Keys…

Top - in centre a bus with cars either side. Captioned 'Sarasota bus leaving Carlstrom'.
Bottom left - cat at petrol station with two men standing behind. Captioned 'gassing up the car'.
Bottom right - six airmen sitting on the front of a car…

Top left - view down on swimming pool with palm trees in foreground. Captioned 'Swimming pool, Lydo, Sarasota, Mexican Gulf'.
Top right - view across waters to tree lined shore. Palm trees on nearside. Captioned 'Siesta Keys, Mexican Gulf'.

Top left - long legged bird in garden with buildings and trees in the background. Captioned 'Heron, Jungle gardens, Sarasota'.
Bottom right - peacock in front of a bush. Captioned 'Proud peacock, tropical gardens'.

Top - view across grass to palm trees. Captioned 'Tropical garden, Sarasota, Florida'.
Bottom left - view across road of palm trees. Captioned 'Palms along Sarasota highway'.
Bottom right - three airmen standing on path in front of row of shops.…

Top - colour artwork postcard of a swimming pool with two story decking and many people with beach and sea in background. Captioned 'S-6 - The Sarasota Lido, showing Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota, Fla'.
Bottom - colour artwork postcard with two views.…

Top left - three men in the rear of a boat on the water with shoreline in the background.
Bottom right - two men on shore and one on jetty with sail boat tied alongside. Boats on far side of creek with trees on bank.


Left - a tall tower alongside other municipal buildings surrounded by palm trees. Captioned 'Commercial Tower, Sarasota'.
Top right - an airman wearing tunic and side cap standing outside a building with tiled porch roof and striped awning with…

Top left - view across open ground of a white two story building with palm trees in front. Captioned 'Our barrack hut'.
Top middle - a man dress in white saluting while standing by a wheel barrow on a path. Two officers approaching from the right…


Top left - view across an open air swimming pool. Captioned 'Lido swimming pool, Sarasota Fla'.
Top middle - three airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting on a wall with water in the background. Captioned 'Darky, Stan & myself, Sarasota'.


Titled 'March 1942, Primary Training Florida'.
Top left - view of three story building across a lake, Captioned 'Punta Gorda Fla'.
Top middle - view of a multi-story building through trees. Captioned 'Punta Gorda'
Top right - view of a mansion…


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