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A horse drawn plough with a man and a child. Information supplied with the collection states that this is Archie and Roy (age 3) at Isleham.

The outside of a two storey house.

A side view of a man on a horse. Information supplied with the collection identifies him as Uncle Fuller Cornwall, Isleham 1923 – Uncle to Ruby Saunders.

Uncle Fuller at Prospect House, Isleham with niece Ruby Saunders. Ruby is on a horse with Fuller holding the reins.

Four people, including Fuller and Ann, with a horse and cart. The cart is laden with produce from their market garden.

Information supplied with the collection states 'Outside Sarah Diver’s house at Isleham, nr Ely Cambridgeshire. Ruby & Roy Saunders and Sarah Diver'.

Ruby holding Roy on a harvesting machine.

Roy was evacuated four times.
The first to Isleham and he was accompanied by his maternal grandparents and Alan from next door. There was no electricity, water or sewerage in the farmhouse. Gas was installed but never used. Lighting was by paraffin…

A document written as a Summer Project whilst Aidan was at school. She discusses their early years after her grandparents got married in London. During the war the family moved to Wales for safety.
After the war John, possibly her brother, became a…

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