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Valentines greeting. Mentions dispatched parcels of cigarettes. Await letters.

Rerports arrival of letters, postcards and cable. Awaiting photographs.

Notes message received still await letter. Censor permit refused, cigarettes dispatched ordinary mail. Both well.

Reports arrival of letters and other message.

Birthday greetings from Lilley

Wishing him a happy Christmas and best of health and luck for 1942. Signed Walker, Una and lilley

From Mary Clayton thanking Douglas for cable photographs and sending best wishes.

Wishes father a happy birthday and acknowledges receipt of large calendar.

Acknowledge receipt of cable, parcel of books and letter advising dispatch of cigarettes.

Acknowledges of cable and letter. Awaiting confirmation of Laghouat in a week.

Acknowledges arrival of several items of mail both ways. Map of world on reverse.

Account of release of two Burnely men (Ordinay Seaman G Taylor and Marine C Latham) amongst French North Africa nternees freed by American Forces. Both had been aboard HMS Manchester which was torpedoed in Mediterranean on August 13th. Tells of…

Relates how after tunnelling 187 feet to escape from internment camp in Algeria, 29 soldiers were recaptured. Tunnel took seven months dug in relays 24 hours a day. After escape Arab guards tracked them down and they were sent back to prison.

Reports death in active service of Air Gunner Douglas William Randall who was previously a fellow inmate of Laghouat internment camp where he produced the camp newspaper and helped organise sport.

Letter from manager at Jaffe and Sons Ltd mentioning ex work colleagues from prewar employer. Many had now left and were in the forces. Asks how he likes Algeria. Mention fund raised by members of the company to send comfort to members of staff who…

Writes describing visit of friend and passes on their news. Mentions feeling unwell and staying in bed. Says she sent him a cable on previous Saturday explaining that she had not been allowed to send him a small parcel. Still awaiting letters from…

Writes that spring is on the way and comments on the weather. Wonders what conditions were like in his camp and whether he managed to keep warm and had enough food. Recounts recent visit by a friend. Relates newspaper article about a scheme for…

Writes that spring perhaps was not yet on its way as she stated in last letter. Mentions only getting cables as no letters since 31 January. Quotes from content of his last cable which arrived very quickly. Mentions death of friend and then two…

Writes of father going out for fire watching duty on a snowy night. Comments on the days weather and that it had been a rough winter. Still waiting for letters the last came at the end of January. Writes there was no more news of loss of a friend.…

Writes that she numbers her letters and wonders how many arrive. Still awaiting letters from him as none since that end of January. Records letter that had arrived and dates. Sorry they were not allowed to send him anything he really needed.…

Comments on weather and arrival of spring and tells of her activities. Writes that they still have good wholesome food despite rationing. Catches up with news of friends, gossip and other activities. Mentions drastic reduction in petrol ration which…

Writes of lengthening days, good weather and local area. Mentions their activities going for a walk but still deep snow. Writes that she sent him a cable previous Saturday and awaiting reply. Writes of daffodils and snowdrops in shops again but…

Writes that things are going along quietly and not much news. Mentions fathers work. Comments on weather with snow still around. Hopes winter is over. Two lines blacked out. Continues with gossip and catches up with family news. Writes of changes to…
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