Sinking of the SS Conte Rosso. Part 1



Sinking of the SS Conte Rosso. Part 1


The liner Conte Rosso in dazzle pattern camouflage is sailing on a clear night with smoke rising out of the two funnels.

Label reads “30”; signed by the author; caption reads “(1) LA NOTTE dei 3000 del “CONTE ROSSO” 24 MAGGIO 1941. Ore 20.45 Latitudine 36:38 Longitudine 15:40, il piroscafo Conte Rosso è silurato dal sommergibile Upholder e affonda in breve tempo. Le unità di scorta recuperano 1432 naufraghi e 239 salme, sù 2729 uomini imbarcati, Altri 119 risultano dispersi, la perdita del nostro primo transatlantico stazzava 17.048 tonnellate…”

Caption translates as: “(1) The night of the 3,000 men on the Conte Rosso (24 May 1941). 8.45pm; latitude 36:38; longitude 15:40. The liner, Conte Rosso, is torpedoed by the Upholder submarine. It quickly sinks. The escort units of the convoy rescued 1,432 castaways and 239 bodies out of 2,729 men on board. 119 men were missing. We lost our first liner, 17,048 gross register tonnage …

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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