Freeman, Ralph


Freeman, Ralph
R Freeman


An oral history interview with Sergeant Ralph Reginald Freeman (1923 - 2019, 1523700 Royal Air Force), his log book, photographs and documents. He trained as a pilot and later flew as a flight engineer.
The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Susan Abbott and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Freeman, R

Collection Items

Four Airmen and a Lancaster
Two photographs of four airmen standing in front of a Lancaster. In the second image there is a second Lancaster.

Ralph Freeman
Ralph at the controls of a Canadian Avro Anson. He is wearing tropical kit. On the reverse 'RRE Freeman'.

"C" Flight No 4 Squadron No 8 Initial Training Wing
A group of trainees arranged in four rows in front of the Trenance Hotel, Newquay.
On the reverse are the signatures of some of the trainees. A yellow post-it note states 'RRE Freeman 2nd row from left row 3'.

101 Squadron No 1 Group Bomber Command
A framed photograph of 101 squadron on VJ day 15th August 1945. A large group of squadron personnel are arranged in six rows on front of a Lancaster.

Sergeant Ralph Freeman
A framed photograph of Sergeant Ralph Freeman. Included in the image is Ralph's medal ribbons, a Bomber Command crest, his pilot wings and his sergeant's stripes.
The photograph is annotated '1523700 Sgt Ralph Reginald Ernest Freeman 101 Sqn Bomber…

The Acme Thunderer Whistle
Ralph Freeman's whistle.

RAF Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A issued to Ralph Freeman.
The form has some details of Ralph's service.

Wings Graduation Banquet
Ralph's graduation banquet from No 17 SFTS Souris, Manitoba. It includes the programme of addresses, menu and a list of those participating.
A second copy has some signatures of participants.

RAF Airman's Pay Book
RAF Form 64 issued to Ralph Freeman

RAF Flying Clothing Card
RAF Form 667B issued to Ralph Freeman

Logbook Extracts
Two pages from a logbook. Ralph is mentioned as a 2nd pilot or passenger.

Ralph Freeman's Royal Canadian Air Force pilot’s log book
Pilot’s flying log book covering the period from 7 July 1943 to 9 September 1944. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Cambridge (22 EFTS), RCAF Assiniboin (34 EFTS), RCAF Swift Current (39 SFTS),…

Interview with Ralph Freeman
Ralph Freeman volunteered for the RAF in 1942. He began initial training in March 1943 and was posted to Manitoba in October, where he qualified as a pilot after training on Cornells and Ansons. Upon returning to Great Britain, Freeman was remustered…
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