Edwards, Frederick


Edwards, Frederick
F Edwards


26 items. The collection concerns Frederick Edwards (b. 1923) and contains his log book, maps, navigation charts, service documents, and photographs. He flew operations as a navigator with 101 Squadron. There is also an oral history interview with his son, Martin Edwards.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Martin Edwards and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Edwards, F

Collection Items

Diamond Jubilee Dinner
A large group of men and women seated at tables, in formal clothes in a large decorated room. Information supplied with the collection identifies this as 'Diamond Jubilee'.

On the reverse are photographer's stamps -
'EA Fordham &…

Fred Edwards
A half-length portrait of Fred Edwards in uniform wearing a cap with a trainee flash.

Letter of Introduction
A letter to the officers and people of Ethiopia issued by the 'English Government'. Written in an Ethiopian language and script and also in English.

Meteorological Office Weather Report
A weather report issued by the Meteorological Office (undated).

Frederick Edwards' Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other than pilot
Flying log book for Frederick Edwards covering the period from 30 September, 1943 to 30 September, 1946. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RCAF Rivers, Manitoba (1 CNS), RAF Halfpenny Green (3(O)AFU), RAF Upper…

Letter to Mrs M Shears from the Central Land Board
The letter grants planning permission to Fred Edwards for the erection of a dwelling house at Belvedere.

Small Scale Plotting Chart (First Edition)
A chart used for navigation, covering Belfast-Rome at 1:2000000

Reims Fixing Chart
A chart used for location Reims, France. Scale 1:1000000. It is overlaid with a Gee chain.

Aircrew Categorisation Card - Navigator
A card issued to Fred Edwards, including details of categorisation as a navigator.

Fred Edwards - Service and Release Book
Issued to Fred Edwards at the end of his service in the RAF.

Navigation Log
A navigation log produced by Fred Edwards for an operation to Nuremberg.

Navigational Log
A navigational log produced by Fred Edwards. His orders were to pinpoint his position, sextant shots and 'MTBS'.

Navigational Log
A navigational log produced by Fred Edwards. His orders were to navigate by multi-course winds.

Use of UCO (plain)
An instruction sheet for pilots to assist in reporting the weather.

Navigational Log
A navigational log produced by Fred Edwards. The flight's orders were to locate a convoy off the Dutch coast and report its position. On the reverse are his navigational observations.

Aircraft Weather Report
Completed for a flight between Calato and Almaza in Egypt.

Weather Observations by Aircraft Crew
Observed weather during a cross country flight (training?).

Ferimet Plain forms
Forms produced by the British and Canadian Meteorological Offices for reporting inflight weather.

Notes for captured Airmen
Four pages from a booklet with instructions on how to behave if captured. Page 1 is missing.

Lists of Phrases
A booklet with lists of phrases in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch. On top of each page is a warning 'NOT TO BE PRODUCED IN PUBLIC'.

Entry ticket for the Mosque of Umayyad and the Mausoleum of Saladin
Entry ticket on a reused sheet of paper. On one side is the entry ticket and on the reverse an extract about roads and tracks.

RAF Flying Clothing Card
Flying clothing issued to Fred Edwards. The booklet records all items supplied to Fred and when they were returned.

RAF Inoculation Certificate
Issued to Fred Edwards for Yellow Fever, TABC, ATT and Typhus inoculations. Includes dates of later inoculation boosters.

Internal Repayment Voucher for gloves and knife
Issued at RAF Section Almaza Airportto to Fred Edwards to cover the replacement cost of a pair of gloves and an escape knife, total six shillings and seven pence (6/7d = £0.32).

Letter to Fred Edwards from the RAF
The letter asks Fred to consider returning to the RAF.
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