How many new graveyards wait for you behind the Atlantic Wall?



How many new graveyards wait for you behind the Atlantic Wall?


German propaganda leaflet directed at American forces in which a soldier questions in a letter home the reason why he is expected to die.




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How many new graveyards wait for you behind the Atlantic Wall?

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Since we broke the peace it does seem a darned long way back to it, to the time we used to play bridge at the Browns [sic] and drink a couple of high balls with the Lehmans. It does seem a darned long way from Europe to America.

I wonder, if the folks over there do understand that it’s our duty to die for Morgenthau and La Guardia. I wonder, it’s been all explained to us and so it must be true that it is our Godholy duty to die for F. D. R. but I can’t remember exactly right now how they figured it out. But I do hope, the folks at home do. For else [sic] they must surely think me a goddam idiot to come all this long way just to get myself blown up to kingdom come. You see, Mary and Eva, and the lot of you over on the other side, it’s like this. It’s my darned duty, they swear to me, to kill Germans and to get killed myself. And you wouldn’t have anything to do with a guy what [sic] didn’t do his duty, would you? So it does look a bit hopeless, it does. If I don’t walk right into a German mouse-trap and get myself done in, I’m not doing my duty … by F. D. R. and Morgenthau. So I guess there isn’t any very big [sic] chance of my ever seeing you again … Unless … Unless I should turn round like the proverbial worm and say: Look here buddies, I don’t get why the hell I should go and get myself killed for a crowd of politicians and war-profiteers, for F. D. R. or Ikey Moses or no one! I’d take a risk for you, Mary and Eva, I would. But darned if I can see any sense in getting laid out for the bunch of queer fish that’s sent us over to Europe this time. So cheer up folks! I may see you again after all… even if I have to swim for it.

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