Cavalier, Reginald George


Cavalier, Reginald George
Reginald George Cavalier
R G Cavalier


Eleven items plus two sub collections. The collection concerns Corporal Reginald George Cavalier (1264567 Royal Air Force) and consists of two albums, documents and one loose photograph. Reginald George Cavalier served in the RAF between 1940 and 1945. He trained as a photographer and served with 76 Squadron stationed at RAF Middleton St George before being posted to 2 Group and serving in mainland Europe with 2nd Tactical Air Force in late 1944 and 1945.

Album one contains photographs of his service and includes target photographs, station visits by VIPs, Allied and German aircraft, and scenes in liberated Europe.

Album two contains a collection of propaganda leaflets, service documents and Christmas cards.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Denise Cavalier-Jones and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Cavalier, RG

Collection Items

Skating ticket
The ticket is a receipt for the hire of a pair of skates, issued by Skating 'Le Mosan'.

Christmas Card 1944
Inside page of a Christmas Card, dated 1944. An officer in the style of Pilot Officer Prune with a moustache and red nose has a glass of champagne on one hand and a bottle in the other. Beside him are four more bottles. It carries the message 'Merry…

LNER Railway Ticket
Half of a LNER railway ticket issued for Military Service between Cuffley and Dinsdale.

GWR Railway Ticket
Half of a return railway ticket from Kidderminster to Birmingham.

LNER Railway Ticket
A LNER ticket issued for the Service Military from Dinsdale to Foulsham.

Cinema Tickets
Two cinema tickets #10660 and 10661 for the Omnia cinema in Douai. Price Fr 10.

Aux populations de la France Occupee
Leaflet thanking those in occupied France for their ongoing work in helping to slow down factory production, thus aiding the bombing effort.

Malcolm Club Guide of Brussels and accommodation ticket
Contains information on Brussels including entertainment, city map, places of interest, things to see, clubs and canteens and the history of the Malcolm Club. Includes an accommodation ticket 16 May 1945.

De Wervelwind
Magazine containing foreword by the Queen of the Netherlands as well as: news about war progress; the Dutch Royal family; European resistance movements; why the German Blitzkrieg on Russia failed; Dutch flyers; church resistance; Malta surviving air…

Weitere Kurzungen
Herbert Backe will need to increase rationing: more countries to look after; limited cereals from Balkans and none from Ukraine; fewer pork and potato supplies. Claims government will feed population with turnips, as under Wilhelm II.


Christmas card
A card signed by Keith, Canadian Dental Corps Overseas.

Christmas Card
A card signed 'Keith' Canadian Dental Corps (Overseas)

Blank leave pass
RAF Form 295, blank

RAF Day Pass
A pass allowing Reginald George Cavalier to travel to London from RAF Hartford Bridge

RAF photography permit
A permit allowing Reginald George Cavalier to take photographs at West Raynham and its satellites in his capacity of 'official station propaganda photographer'.

Thanksgiving for Victory
Order of Service - hymns, psalms and blessings.

Victory in Europe card
A card signed by Air Marshal Arthur Coningham, thanking the friends and relatives of the Second Tactical Air Force for sustaining them in their part in the victory in Europe.

Christmas Card to Reginald Cavalier
Christmas card to Reginald Cavalier from his parents signed 'From Mum & Dad with the best of luck.'

Christmas Card
2nd Tactical Air Force Christmas card with seven signatures. Captioned '137. Wing. Photographic S.H.Q. Vitry en Artois.'

Artwork inside card depicting Allied advance in western europe from D Day.

Christmas Card
Christmas card with a photograph of Mosquito, TA118 on the front. Captioned '140 Wing RAF Gutersloh BAFO BAOR December 1945.' It is signed 'Phyll and Jim' and has a handwritten comment 'How do you like my [pal?] on nose of A/C?'.

Christmas Card
Christmas card from RAF Hartford Bridge with an image of a Boston on the front.

Shooting practice recording log.

Belgian railway ticket
3rd class railway ticket valid for two weeks. Issued in Gent.

Waiting in Vain
German propaganda leaflet directed at American soldiers. How many of their wives and sweethearts will be waiting in vain for them to return?

Wer hat gesagt...
Propaganda leaflet aimed at German population asking who said Germany would never be bombed. On the reverse are several images of Goering and the names of six cities already bombed.
'Wer hat gesagt –
“Vor allem werde ich
Dafur sorgen, dass der…
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