Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 4


Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 4


22 items. Photograph album covers, eighteen double pages of photographs of family events, places and people as well as three stand alone photographs.




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Field, PL-CG

Collection Items

Group of students/staff
Three groups of people sitting and standing discussing work inside a room. On the reverse 'Cheltenham Art School, 30's'.

A woman
Three-quarter length portrait of a woman wearing dress and sitting on a bench with foliage in the background. On the reverse 'Peg, 1930's'.

Theatrical performance
Six actors in a variety of theatrical costume with others in the background. One has a shield saying 'Join the crusade against chicken waste'.

Friends photographs
Right page:
Top - four men in shirtsleeves standing on grass with road and buildings in the background.
Bottom - four men in shirtsleeves sitting on grass with trees behind them.
Caption on spine 'July 5 1975'.
Right page:
Captions on spine top…

Friends photographs
Left page:
Top - four men standing on a lawn with rockery behind them.
Bottom - three men standing in front of a building with signage stating that it was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in June 1991.
Captions on spine from top to bottom 'May…

House and family/friends
Left page:
Ariel view looking down at street with semi-detached houses on either side.
Right page:
Top - two men wearing overcoats standing either side of two woman also wearing coats outside a restaurant.
Bottom- two men standing either side of…

House and family
Left page:
Top left - view of distant row of houses from the rear. Top right - in foreground a bush with blossom and houses in the background.
Middle left - view of front of house with part of neighbouring houses either side.
Bottom left - a…

Family photographs
Right page:
Top left - woman sitting in chair in garden.
Top right - woman and a man sitting alongside each other on chairs in garden with trellis behind them.
Bottom left - a man wearing suit and tie and woman wearing dress standing side by side…

Family photographs
Left page - half length image of a woman covered with vines and leaves.
Right page - bride, wearing dress, hat and carrying bouquet, and groom wearing suit and tie, standing in garden.

Family scenes
Left page:
Top left - three children and a woman on a path with wooden fence in the background.
Top centre - girl in bathing suit standing up to her knees in sea.
Top right - a girl standing in garden holding metal tubular rods with dense foliage…

Family scenes
Left page:
Top left - head and shoulders image of a woman wearing striped dress.
Top centre - girl standing in garden with shrubbery in the background.
Top right - half length image of a girl sitting on chair in garden holding a doll.
Middle left…

House and family Birmingham
Left page;
Top left - view across road of a semi-detached house with car in the driveway.
Bottom left - a teddy bear on a brick wall.
Bottom right - silhouette of house and trees.
Right page:
Caption on spine '1958/1959, Birmingham'.
Top left -…

Young girls
Right hand page with caption 'Winson'.
Top - colour photograph of a young girl sitting in carriage.
Bottom - half-length b/w image of a girl.

Family scenes
Left page:
Top left - two girls sitting on lawn in garden.
Top centre - head and shoulders image of a baby wearing coat with hood.
Top right - a crowd, including a young girl and woman with baby in pushchair watching an elephant.
Middle left -…

Family scenes at Swindon
Left page:
Top left - woman holding a baby.
Top centre - a young girl standing in doorway.
Top right - young child playing on path.
Middle left - a woman holding a baby.
Middle centre - young girl standing with baby in pushchair.
Middle right…

Family scenes
Left page:
Top left - view down snow covered street with figures in the distance.
Top centre - a young child standing in a back garden with wall to the right.
Top right - view over garden with bungalows in the distance.
Middle left - two women…

Family scenes and a woman wearing Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniform
Left page:
Top left - woman holding a baby with pram to the right outside a house.
Top centre - a woman holding a child with house in the background.
Top right - woman holding a baby,
Middle left - a young toddler sitting on sand.
Middle centre…

Paignton family scenes
Top left - man wearing suit and tie holding a baby.
Top right - a man with baby and two women sitting on chairs in long grass.
Middle left - man holding baby on his lap,
Middle centre - baby wearing overcoat and restraints standing in…

Paignton scenes
Left page - single photograph of large wave breaking over harbour pier wall.
Right page:
Caption on spine 'Paignton'
Top left - view out to sea with low cliffs, bay and land on the far side.
Top right - a woman crouching down with a young girl on…

Seashore, family scenes and service life
Left page:
Top left - view out to sea with cliffs on the right.
Top right - six men and a woman wearing summer clothes sitting on chairs round a table in grass field.
Middle left - two women wearing dresses on a beach with sea behind them.

Armchair Cove, Goodrington
View of a seashore with low cliffs, a bay and land on the far side in the distance.

Identification kindly provided by James Clarke of the identified photos of the British Isles Facebook group.

Album covers
Front and rear photograph album covers.
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