Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 2


Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 2


39 Items. Album with photographs of people and places, postcards and some documents




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Field, PL-CG

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Place de l'Opéra
Postcard showing a view across a square with cars and pedestrians of a large domed building with multiple arched doorways and columned windows. On the reverse '989 Paris - Place de l'Opéra'.

Convoy and men around a lorry
Left - convoy of military lorries on road through tented camp.
Right - a group of airmen standing behind a truck, with some others climbing onto it. Vehicle parked in street with buildings in the background.

Football match and lorry
Top left - two people standing looking over a wall at the distant Colombes stadium, Hauts-de-Seine, Paris, France with a football match in play. Another figure to their right stands with hand on wall. Stadium has grandstand on the right, full of…

Hauptverkehrsdirektion Paris
German language printed form not filled out.

Eifel tower
Photograph of the Eifel tower.

Left - a line of lorries with RAF roundels parked at the side of a road with trees in the background. Two men standing by the rearmost lorry.
Right - an airman wearing battledress leaning against a lorry with RAF roundel.

Postcard from the air over the city of Paris with river running left to right through the middle with bridge in centre.

Arc de Triumph in Paris
Bottom left - view of Arc de Triumph in Paris.
Three other photographs removed with mountings still visible.

Postcard - Versailles
Postcard showing view across ornamental pool of a three storey palace building. On the reverse '243 Versailles, Façade sur Parc (Midi), Front on the Park (Midi)'

Postcard of Externsteine rock formation.

Teutoberger Wald
Left - colour postcard showing steps leading up to pillared, domed monument with figure holding up sword on top. Captioned 'Teutoberger Wald, Hermannsdenkmal, and handwritten annotation 'August 6 1945, bank Holiday'.
Right - colour postcard showing…

Hamm scenes
Top left - view down town street with rubble and destroyed buildings.
Top right - view across piles of building rubble with some destroyed structure standing.
Bottom left - destroyed shop with sign 'F W Woolworth', rubble inside and no…

Detmold scenes
Top left - view down winding valley with tree covered hills either side.
Top right - view across the top of trees of a town in the distance.
Bottom left - view down a country road with stone balustrade on left at front, fields to the left and…

Top - torn ticket to a 'Kirchenkonzert' in Detmold.
Middle - two tickets to the Detmolder Lichtspiele.
Bottom - ticket to Chambres Meubles 'Madame Suzy' Amiens.

Hannover and Wesel
Top left - view across street of a damaged three story building.
Top left middle - view across river with downed bridge.
Top middle right - view across water of bridge with span blown up.
Top right - view across street with military vehicles of…

Amiens cathedral and Folies-Bergere ticket
Left - a b/w postcard of Amiens cathedral.
Right - a ticket for Folies-Bergere

Street scenes
Top left - view across open space or a church with the rear of a truck on the left in the foreground.
Top right - view of a church with vehicles parked outside at the front and trees behind.
Bottom left - view over a convoy of trucks going down a…

Left - view down village street with timber framed houses either side.
Right - view through trees of distant church. Captioned 'Heiligenkirchen'.

Cabaret du Néant
Left - b/w postcard with artwork of skull in candelabra. Captioned 'Cabaret du Néant - Paris-Montmartre L'ampac'aire funéraire'
Right - b/w postcard of people sitting on benches watching action on a small stage. Captioned 'Cabaret du Néant -…

Cabaret du Néant programme
French language programme with lists of drinks and menu. Artwork consisting of skulls and skeletons.

Möhne dam and Soest
Top right - water jet at bottom of dam. Captioned 'Möhne dam, Sunday August 12 1945'.
Top right - view of church spire through tree tops. Captioned 'Soest August 12 1945'.
Bottom left - view down town street in rain with buildings either side.…

Möhne dam
Top left - view along road on top of dam.
Top right - plume of water into river.
Bottom left - jet of water from sluice at bottom of dam.
Bottom right - group of airmen wearing greatcoats looking out over river.
Captioned 'Möhne Damm [sic]…

German fighters and Wellington
Artwork - three German Me 109s behind a Wellington shooting. The Wellington is low over sea with starboard engine on fire. Other Wellingtons in the background. Captioned 'Luftkampf swischen deutschen jägern und britische bombern'.

Münster and Brussels
Top middle - view down street with buildings either side.
Top right - view down street with buildings either side.
Both captioned 'Münster June 1945'.
Bottom left - view across street with tram of large multi-storey building (Royal…

Christuskirche and Hobart barracks
Left - view of Christuskirche with spire.
Top right - view across road with jeep in front of a large two storey building with attic windows.
Bottom middle - distant view of two storey buildings.
Bottom right - distant view of two storey buildings.
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