Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 1


Field, Peter L and Cynthia G. Photograph album 1


21 items. Eighteen photographs of various people with captions on the reverse.




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Field, PL-CG

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Transcript of letter to Squadron Leader J V Hay
Author writes to inform him concerning the accident in which his son, who was flying as a wireless operator, was killed. Details eye witness accounts of aircraft diving into ground and all crew were killed. Court of enquiry were unable to determine…

Man and baby
A man holding up a baby with trees and part of a house in the background. On the reverse 'November 12 1952'.

Laura Lascelles and baby
A woman wearing a dark overcoat sitting on a bench holding a baby. On the reverse 'Laura Lascelles an RAF friend at Blackpool 1943/4, m'.

Seven airmen
Half length image of seven airmen wearing tunics standing in a group. The men front left and far right have corporal rank. On the reverse 'November 1940, RAF 3 FTS (Flying Training School) South Cerney, 1940'.

John Thacher and Margaret Glendinning
An airman and a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force both wearing tunics with corporal and sergeant rank respectively sitting side by side. On the reverse 'John Thacher & friend (Margaret Glendinning) Colne 1941'.

Boy with cat
A boy wearing jacket and shorts kneeling down with cat in a back garden with house in the background. On the reverse 'P & cat, garden Winson 1930'.

A man in garden
A man wearing civilian suit standing in garden with bushes and garden roller behind. On the reverse 'Jubilee day 1935, new suit'.

A man
Half length image of a man wearing civilian shirt and trousers sitting. On the reverse 'Dick, Gower 1938'.

Peg and Auntie May
Two women wearing dresses paddling in waves on beach. On the reverse 'Peg & Auntie Mary, Bournemouth, August 1939, last holiday before the war'.

Bob Cooke, Paul Temple and Bill Charasse
Full length image of three airmen wearing tunics and side caps standing in a line in a field with trees in the background. On the reverse 'Bob Cooke, Paul Temple, Bill Charasse [...] 1942'.

A man and two women
A man wearing civilian jacket standing between two women with trees in the background.

Two servicemen
Two men wearing battledress with a dog in-between them sitting on a bench. Man on the left is writing and the man on the right is wearing a steel helmet. Another dog on the right. and trees in the background. On the reverse 'Jim Allen writing, N…

Man in park
A man wearing jacket and tie with overcoat over his arm standing in a park with trees in the background. On the reverse 'Regent's Park 1947'.

Woman in a park
A woman wearing dress and carrying handbag and coat standing in a park with trees in the background, On the reverse 'Regent's Park 1947'

Man sitting in chair
A man wearing trousers, shirt and tie, sitting on a chair eating cake, in a back garden with house in the background. On the reverse 'No 5, Taken Sat June 6 1942, Young Peter - very hot, appreciating my eggless chocolate cake! He's beginning to go…

Peg and Aileen
Two women wearing dresses standing leaning on a gateway to a house. On the reverse 'Wednesday August 23 1939, Peg & Aileen (Chrisman - school friend at Bibury School'.

Man at seaside
A man wearing swimming trunks sitting on stone sea wall. In the background two people sitting on deck chairs.

Two men at beach
Two men, one on the left wearing civilian suit and the one on the right wearing swimming trunks, both sitting in deck chairs on a beach. Other chairs and three women behind. On the reverse 'Swanage Monday August 21 1939, Honeybone (Dick's year at…

Two men in a canoe
Two men in a canoe in the sea with rocks on left. On the reverse 'Tim Allen/Peter Lambert, Mewslade Bay, Gower, August 1938'.

Label with personal details P Field
Card with text '907804 Sgt Field, Detmold, Germany, November 1945'.

Album cover
Cover with embossed drawing of single engine low wing monoplane.
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