Gill, Kenneth. Album one


Gill, Kenneth. Album one


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Gill, K

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Kenneth Gill's address
Note with address of Kenneth Gill in Leeds.

Twenty- seven airmen in front of an Anson
Twenty-six airmen wearing tunics and side caps and one officer wearing lighter uniform and peaked cap in centre, standing in two lines in front to an Anson. Captioned 'Course 50, 10 A.O.S.'.

Niagara Falls
Top - view down river to waterfalls in distance and hydro-electric power house on the right. Captioned 'Horseshoe Falls and power house'.
Bottom left - view of waterfall, captioned 'American falls'.
Bottom right - view of top of waterfall with…

Niagara Falls
Top - view of distant waterfall, captioned 'View of both falls from observation tower'.
Bottom left - view from river level of waterfalls. Captioned 'American Falls'.
Bottom right - view of river and waterfall with boat in distance, captioned…

Top - view through three arches of a park with river in the distance. Captioned 'General view of Niagara'.
Bottom left - view of bridge crossing river. Foliage on riverbank on left with hut on top. Captioned 'Rainbow Bridge, Niagara'.
Bottom right…

Top - view down flower bed with paths either side and trees in the distance. Captioned 'Tulip beds in Niagara Park'.
Bottom left - view across waterfall, captioned 'Canadian Falls, Niagara'.
Bottom right - view of distant waterfall. captioned…

Toronto scenes
Top - view of city street with car on right and two airmen walking down pavement on left. Captioned 'Young St, Toronto'.
Bottom left - view down city street with tram in centre. Captioned 'St Clair East, Toronto'.
Bottom right - view down city…

Toronto scenes
Top - view of lake through trees. Captioned 'Mersey Lake, High Park, Toronto'.
Bottom left - cars in a city street, pedestrians waiting to cross on left. Captioned 'Queen St Toronto'.
Bottom right - view down city street with cars and two storey…

Toronto scenes
Top left - view of highway with cars and lake in distance. Captioned 'Sunnyside and Lake Ontario, Toronto'.
Bottom left - view through a line of trees of a highway with cars and lake in the distance. Captioned 'Queen Elizabeth highway and the lake…

Canada scenes
Top left - view across wide river. Captioned 'St Lawrence river'.
Top right - view along railway track. Captioned 'single track from Moncton to Trenton'.
Bottom left - man reclining wearing striped pyjamas holding a bottle of beer. Captioned…

Chicago and San Francisco
Top - view across city with Trustees System’s Service building, now Century Tower and the Merchandise Mart. Captioned 'gloomy Chicago's industrial areas'.
Bottom left - view of distant suspension bridge across bay with ship. Captioned 'Golden Gate…

Top - looking down o n river running through city. Captioned 'Birds-eye view of Chicago'.
Bottom left - view of skyscrapers and river. Captioned 'Majestic skyscrapers Chicago'.
Bottom right - looking down at elevated railway and buildings at Lake…

Florida scenes
Top left - three man band outside a building with glass doors. Captioned 'entertainment while waiting for ferry at St Petersburg'.
Bottom left - two boats on sea, one moored on left the other underway. Captioned 'The ferry coming in from Pinney…

Florida scenes
Top - train on track in middle of town with a figure standing in front. Building on the right and car of left. Captioned 'Traffic stops while the daily special leaves Sarasota'.
Bottom left - view of sea across shore, captioned 'view of Siesta Keys…

Florida scenes
Top - in centre a bus with cars either side. Captioned 'Sarasota bus leaving Carlstrom'.
Bottom left - cat at petrol station with two men standing behind. Captioned 'gassing up the car'.
Bottom right - six airmen sitting on the front of a car…

Airfield scenes
Top - three single engine high wing monoplanes parked outside a hangar. Captioned 'Taylorcraft parked for the duration'.
Bottom left - large group of airmen sitting and standing on palm tree covered lawn outside a building. Captioned 'resting during…

Aircraft on airfield
Top - a single engine high wing monoplane parked outside a hangar. Captioned 'Stinson Reliant at hangar No 3'.
Bottom left - view of a hangar with car front left with people, In the distance a flight-line with Stearman biplanes. Captioned 'Hangar no…

Florida scenes
Top left - view down on swimming pool with palm trees in foreground. Captioned 'Swimming pool, Lydo, Sarasota, Mexican Gulf'.
Top right - view across waters to tree lined shore. Palm trees on nearside. Captioned 'Siesta Keys, Mexican Gulf'.

Jungle and tropical gardens
Left - a large bird in a garden. Captioned 'secretary bird, tropical gardens'.
Right - jungle trees. Captioned 'wild fruits, papyans [sic] and creepers, jungle gardens'.

Gardens Sarasota
Top left - long legged bird in garden with buildings and trees in the background. Captioned 'Heron, Jungle gardens, Sarasota'.
Bottom right - peacock in front of a bush. Captioned 'Proud peacock, tropical gardens'.

Sarasota views
Top - view across grass to palm trees. Captioned 'Tropical garden, Sarasota, Florida'.
Bottom left - view across road of palm trees. Captioned 'Palms along Sarasota highway'.
Bottom right - three airmen standing on path in front of row of shops.…

Carlstrom Field views
Top - single storey building with patio in front with palm trees. Captioned 'Palm-patio, orchestra shell, dancing squares'.
Bottom left - view down a path towards a single storey building with arched front doorway. Captioned 'Main front to library…

Stearman trainers
Top - view along a line of bi-planes parked on airfield. Captioned 'Stearman Trainers in imposing array'.
Bottom left - distant view of airborne aircraft and cumulus cloud. Captioned 'Cumulus cloud and me and my Stearman'.
Bottom right - view from…

Top left - two airmen wearing flying jackets standing in front of a palm tree outside barracks. Captioned 'Ken and Pedro'.
Top right - two airmen wearing flying jackets standing leaning on a palm tree outside barracks. Captioned 'Ken and Bert'.

Room-mates at Carlstrom
Top left - three airmen wearing flying jackets and helmets standing on a path between barracks. Captioned 'Bert, Pedro & Ken in flying kit'.
Top right - single storey building with palm trees in front. Captioned 'The palm patio and orchestra shell…
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