Article on destruction of a church



Article on destruction of a church


Copy of a German article with translation on next page about the destruction of church St Stefan between Denklingen and Dienhausen. Account of bomber on operation to Munich being shot down by fighter and jettisoning bombs before crashing.



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[German newspaper cutting with English translation]
25 years ago
Our newspaper wrote: The rebuilding of the church St. Stefan on the open field between, Denklingen and Dienhausen, called the “Osteraufkirch” is almost finished. The church a art-historical jewel in Fuchstal was destroyed, in the night from the 6th to the 7th September in the year of the war 1943, short after 10 p.m. by a air-raid of Munich from bombs. By this air-raid a German night-fighter pushed the English Bomber aside and forced him to a emergency landing. Before this forced landing he throw out the bombs, before he came down between Leeder and Aschthal. From this bombs most of the church lay in ruins. With the rebuilding from the church they started spring 1966, and to redecorate the inside spring 1967.


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