Tyrie, Jim


Tyrie, Jim
Tyrie, JSB


34 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Jim Tyrie (1919 - 1993, 87636 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, photographs, correspondence and prisoner of war log as well as a photograph album. He flew operations as a pilot with 77 Squadron before being shot down in April 1941.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Brian Taylor and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Tyrie, JSB

Collection Items

13 airmen
A group of 12 airmen arranged in two rows. Jim Tyrie is in the centre of the front row,

No 39 Joint Air Traffic Control Area Radar Course
15 men arranged in two rows captioned 'No 39 Joint Air Traffic Control Area Radar Course'. Each participant is named underneath.

Jim Tyrie
Head and shoulders portrrait of Jim Tyrie.

Man and grave
A man standing by a stone grave.

Man and woman in a Jaguar SS
A man and woman sitting in a Jaguar SS, registration number YJ7358, viewed from the front.

Identification kindly provided by Oscar Donderer.

Deutsche Allgemeine Beitung
Newspaper title

Volkischer Beobachter
Newspaper title

Telegram to Squadron Leader Oxspring from Air Ministry
The telegram advises Oxspring that a press party will be arriving to photograph a Lincoln and Vampires.

Letter from War Prisoners Aid accompanying a wartime log
War Prisoners Aid based at the World's Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations, Geneva. The letter suggests ways to use the log.

Movement Order
A document issued to Jim Tyrie authorising him to travel from Helmstedt to Berlin.

Posting and Travel Instructions
Jim's posting from Akrotiri to Sopley

Categorisation Certificate
A certificate awarded to Jim Tyrie at category A1

Certificate of Competency
A certificate awarded to Jim Tyrie allowing him to control jet aircraft.

Jim Tyrie's ATC Final Results
A table of results of the Air Traffic Control Course with Jim Tyrie coming third from 22.

Jim Tyrie Identity Paper
A certificate issued to Jim Tyrie by the RAF identifying him as a member of the RAF.

Three blank postcards
Three different blank prisoner of war postcards

A Delayed Honorary Citizen
The article describes why Churchill, a former MP of Dundee should not receive the freedom of Dundee and why only 16 of the 31 councillors voted for him to receive the honour.

Letter to Jim Tyrie from Wing Commander R Clarke
The letter thanks Jim for his work on the latest Defence Plan.

Telegram to Mr JB Tyrie from Air Ministry
The telegram advises Jim Tyrie's father that his son has been reported as a prisoner of war by the Red Cross.

Letter to Mr JB Tyrie from Air Ministry
The letter refers to Jim Tyrie being missing in action and assuring his father that he may be captured and that efforts will be made to trace him through the Red Cross.

Telegram to Mr JB Tyrie from Air Ministry
A telegram to Jim Tyrie's father reporting his son missing.

Escape Maps
Two escape maps, the first is of Germany at a very small scale, the second is of France, Benelux and Switzerland.

Jim Tyrie
Six items referring to Jim Tyrie being shot down and being imprisoned in a prisoner of war camp.
Item 1 is a newspaper cutting with a camp photograph of Jim Tyrie and nine other prisoners, all are named.
Item 2 is a newspaper cutting of Jim Tyrie…

Jim Tyrie's Wartime Log. One
A wartime log kept by Jim Tyrie whilst being kept a prisoner of war. He was shot down on 10th April 1941 and imprisoned for 4 years, 1 month and 16 days. It contains cartoons, sketches and maps.
He lists the men who were shot after recapture during…

Jim Tyrie's Wartime Log. Two
A wartime log kept by Jim Tyrie. He lists his crew on the night they were shot down over Berlin, the construction of tin trays, addresses of co-prisoners, cartoons, London restaurants, newspaper cuttings in German and English and finally more…
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