Tyrie, Jim. Photo album


Tyrie, Jim. Photo album


An album of photographs from Jim Tyrie's service and time as a prisoner of war.




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Tyrie, JSB

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Three blank postcards
Three different blank prisoner of war postcards

Jim Tyrie and colleagues
Photo 1 is Jim Tyrie standing on a pth, captioned 'Flt. Lt. J.S.B. Tyrie RAF Bishops Court Downpatrick 1967'.
Photo 2 is a group of 22 airmen and women arranged in three rows outside a building, captioned 'Annual Inspection RAF Bishops Court 1968'.

Two Whitleys
Photo 1 is a side view of a Whitley, captioned 'Whitley III'.
Photo 2 is a side view of a Whitley, K9025, captioned 'Whitley IV'.

Liberator, Wellington and Lancaster
Photo 1 is a side view of a RAF B-24, captioned 'Liberator, Moreton, August 1946'.
Photo 2 is the nose of a Wellington with an airman leaning on the propeller.
Photo 3 is a side view of a Lancaster, captioned 'Lancaster Lindholme O.C.U. 1947'.

Prisoners of war
Photo 1 is a half length portrait of a man in a sweater.
Photo 2 is eight airmen captioned '+20/8/43'.
Photo 3 is two men with their hands in the air, one soldier beside them. Two men with rifles are on the right, captioned 'Two Polish prisoners…

Groups of prisoners
Photo 1 is four men and a woman. One man has an accordion.
Photo 2 is a large group surrounding a couple of men.
Photo 3 is soldiers walking round in a circle, taken through a barbed wire fence.

End Room Tunnellers April 1941
Photo 1 is ten men standing in a group, captioned 'Muir, Denny, McCombe, McConnel, Neely, Kerwin, Bushell, Beauclair, Panton, Newman (End room tunnellers April 41)'.
Photo 2 is a group of ten men.
Photo 3 is a group of 13 men.
Photo 4 is a group…

Photo 1 is a view into a tunnel.
Photo 2 is a section of floorboards removed to show the tunnel entrance.
Photo 3 is a view along the tunnel.
Photo 4 and 5 are the potato wine pot, captioned 'Potato wine being made, subsequently banned as it was…

Airmen Prisoners
Photo 1 is a group of airmen arriving at the camp, captioned 'Arriving April 1941'.
Photo 2 is a bearded man with a pipe.
Photo 3 is two smiling pilots.
Photo 4 is a man in a sweater holding onto the wire fence.
Photo 5 is two men in shirts, one…

Birthday Party and relaxing
Photo 1, 2 and 3 are a group of men round a table, captioned 'Birthday Party L-R Hockey, Hunkin, Willis, Kelly, Royle, Robertson, Derbyshire, Murray, Neigh, Collins, Jones, Stamp'.
Photo 4 is a man resting on a bed , reading a book.
Photo 5 is two…

Ice Hockey in prisoner of war camp
Each photograph is annotated with the names of the team members.
Photo 1 - 'Tams Blicharz Stone'.
Photo 2 - 'Self Stone Barralet Kelly Dave Effie Tams'.
Photo 3 - 'Tams Effie Blicharz Stone'.
Photo 4 - 'Stone Tams Effie Blicharz (Whites)'

Sport in the prison of war camp
Photo 1 is a group of men captioned 'Rugby'
Photo 2 is two men wearing skates.
Photo 3 is one man wearing skates, captioned 'Ice Hockey'.
Photo 4 is ten men dressed in thick coats. One man is carrying towels, captioned 'Jim in the centre'. Huts…

Prisoners of war
Photo 1 is a sailor and a soldier standing in front of a watchtower.
Photo 2 is a group of men standing in the compound.
Photo 3 is three men, standing in the compound,
Photo 4 is a soldier and an airman.
Photo 5 is three men standing beside a…

Rugby and the Camp
Photo 1, 3 and 5 are a rugby match in progress. Huts and the wire are in the background.
Photo 2 is two men in the compound.
Photo 4 is the barb wire between the double fence.

South Africans December 1941
Photo 1 is two men standing in the snow.
Photo 2 is one man standing in the snow, captioned 'McGarr '41'
Photo 3 is two men standing in the snow.
Photo 4 is eight men standing in the snow.
Photo 5 is four men around a table, playing backgammon,…

Arrival in Barth April 1941
Photo 1 is a group of ten airmen inside the prison camp. Behind is a watch tower. It is captioned 'Jim 4th left standing'.
Photo 2 and 4 are 14 men in two rows beside a hut. It is captioned 'May purge from Dulag
Back: Libbey, Stratford, Norton,…

Prisoner of War Camp
Photo 1 is rows of tents, captioned 'Initial temporary accommodation'.
Photo 2 is four men squatting and eating. Behind are rows of tents.
Photo 3 is four men carrying a bucket of water, captioned 'The Water Carriers Jim second right'.

Whitley and Crew
Photo 1 is a Whitley in flight. It is captioned 'Whitley MkV 1940 77 Sqdn, Topcliffe 1941'.
Photo 2 is eight airmen in flying kit standing in the snow at the nose of a Whitley, captioned 'Jim & Crew pre take off 1941'.

Jim Tyrie in a Whitley
Jim Tyrie is in the second pilot's seat of a Whitley. It is captioned 'Wording on back:- Me in the second pilot's seat, telling Lucas, my co-pilot, to hurry up and take the d...m photo. Taken 1940 at Abingdon OTU. There is a story about Lucas'.

Jim Tyrie, Hart and Oxford
Photo 1 is a front/side view of a biplane, captioned 'Hart RAFVR Perth 1939'.
Photo 2 is Jim Tyrie at the controls of an aircraft, captioned 'Oxford Cranwell 1940'.
Photo 3 is a rear/side view of an Oxford, captioned 'Cranwell 1940'.
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