A Delayed Honorary Citizen



A Delayed Honorary Citizen
Churchill and the City fathers of Dundee


The article describes why Churchill, a former MP of Dundee should not receive the freedom of Dundee and why only 16 of the 31 councillors voted for him to receive the honour.

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[Underlined] A Delayed Honorary Citizen [/underlined]
[underlined] Churchill and the City Fathers of Dundee [/underlined]
In his vanity, Churchill has up to date accepted the Freedom of any town and every Doctor’s degree which have been offered him, saying the honour by a speech. However, when Dundee, Scotland, recently offered him the Freedom of the City, he wrote back that he regretted he was unable to accept this honour. The reason for this refusal can be found in the not very flattering vote of the Town Council, which proceeded the offer. Tho’ 16 voted for the motion, there were never the less 15 votes against. This majority seems too small for Mr Churchill. The whole affair would not be of any particular interest were Dundee only one of many towns following a popular example. But this is not the case. Dundee knows Churchill very well. He was Dundee’s M.P. from 1908 – 1922 and it is probable that the 15 councillors who voted against the motion, remember his barbaric speeches and promises of the last war.



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