Flowers, James


Flowers, James
H J Flowers
Horrace James Flowers
Harry James Flowers


15 items. The collection concerns the wartime experiences of Flight Sergeant Horace James Flowers, a rear gunner with 50 Squadron at RAF Skellingthorpe. The collection consists of one oral history interview, a propaganda leaflet and nine photographs. The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by James Flowers and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Flowers, HJ

Collection Items

RAF attack on Salbris explosive works and depot
Vertical aerial photograph of an area of industrial buildings with a network of roads throughout and a main railway station on the left, where marshalling yards and train tracks are clearly visible. Many buildings of varying size and a wall is going…

Captured Essen – first  pictures inside Krupps
An industrial building has been severely damaged. The metal frame of the ceiling has fallen in and rubble consists of a mixture of metal, wood and stone debris. Two gun barrels are lying prominently on the floor in the middle of the photograph.…

RAF attack on Salbris explosive works and depot
Aerial vertical photograph of two long rows of destroyed buildings around a central space with two destroyed individual buildings and a damaged roadway system. The area is surrounded by fields but at the left hand side of the photograph two main…

Tours airfield
Vertical aerial photograph of an area showing severely destroyed buildings and large craters appearing throughout. A road is going through the middle of the buildings and the area is surrounded by fields, also covered with craters.

On the reverse…

Lancaster VN-F at RAF Skellingthorpe
In the foreground a large number of bombs on the ground with tails removed and placed alongside. Five armourers dressed in overalls and side caps surround the bombs; two crouching working on bombs and three carrying tails towards the bombs. Above…

James Flowers and child at RAF Gatow
Three quarter length portrait of Flight Sergeant James Flowers sitting in tunic with a young girl wearing a dress sitting on his lap. She is holding a doll. On the reverse 'RAF Gatow, Oct/Nov 45, H J Flowers i/c Wing/Co's daughter'.


Arthur Smith
Head a shoulders portrait of Arthur Smith wearing battledress with flight engineer brevet and medal ribbons. On the reverse 'Art Smith (+2014) HJF's F/E 50 Sqn'.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Henry James Flowers in Lancaster mid-upper turret
In the centre a turret on top of a fuselage with the guns pointing to the right. Inside the turret the head and shoulders of Henry James Flowers wearing a flying helmet can be seen looking towards the camera. Behind the turret part of the port tail…

James Flowers air gunners course
Group of 12 airmen in two rows wearing tunics and side caps. Seven in the front row are sitting and the five in the rear are standing. James Flowers is on the left of the front row. On the reverse '3/6/44, Front left AJF'.

Additional information…

James Flowers
Head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant James Flowers wearing tunic with air gunners brevet and side cap, seated with his arms crossed. On the reverse 'H J Flowers'.

50 Squadron personnel in front of a Lancaster
Approximately 170 members of 50 Squadron in five tiered rows in front of a Lancaster. Front row consists of officers with peaked caps and a dog. Second row mixed officers with peaked caps toward the centre and airmen with side caps towards the ends.…

James and Eunice Flowers' wedding
Full length wedding portrait of James and Eunice Flowers. He is on the left wearing uniform with air gunner brevet and sergeant stripes. She is standing alongside dressed in white full length wedding gown with veil lifted carrying a large bouquet. In…

James Flowers
Head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant James Flowers sitting with arms crossed wearing uniform tunic with air gunners brevet and side cap. Caption at top '1944, Sgt H James Flowers'.

The Real German. War series 23
British propaganda leaflet starts by describing trend in German propaganda that they are not trying to destroy the British Empire but are fighting the Churchill plutocratic gang, Continues with quotes from German ministers and publications concerning…

Interview with James Flowers
Horace James Flowers was born and grew up in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. He became an apprentice butcher before being released to volunteer for the Royal Air Force in 1944. He trained as an air gunner at RAF Bridgnorth, RAF Wigsley and RAF Syerston…
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