The Real German. War series 23



The Real German. War series 23


British propaganda leaflet starts by describing trend in German propaganda that they are not trying to destroy the British Empire but are fighting the Churchill plutocratic gang, Continues with quotes from German ministers and publications concerning German plans for control of world trade. Goes on to quote a letter smuggled from Poland describing their difficult experiences after German invasion. Concludes with exhortation to all British people to exert maximum effort.



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War Series No. 23
Anyone who has followed the trend of German propaganda since the outbreak of war will have noticed all along that the Nazis have sought to pretend that their war is not a war against the British people, but, to quote their words, “against the plutocratic gang led by Churchill”. They have also pretended that they do not desire to destroy the British Empire, but only to eliminate British influence from Europe. It is evident that even in this country some people have been misled by this propaganda. The “why not make peace now?” propaganda of the Peace Pledge Union, and the still sometimes-heard voice with its plea “the Germans really aren’t such bad people” is evidence of it. So is the activity of the Reds. But now the mask is off. The chief editor of the Volkischer Beobachter, Goebbel’s own newspaper, has declared:-
“Germany is now prepared to cause the final defeat of England, and is determined to have a formidable Day of Judgment not only on Churchill and his followers, but on the British nation. We will bring to England a revolution of blood and tears which as a punishment will reduce the British population to degradation and poverty.”
We ask you to read these words carefully, and then to read them again. If you know any members of Communist organisations, of the Peace Pledge Union and any other pacifist groups, who are directly or indirectly assisting the enemy cause, ask them to read these words as well and ponder on what they mean. Show them also to any of your mates who are given to absenteeism, to taking it easy on the job.
Dr. Ley, the Nazi Minister of Labour, has told us what Britain’s fate would be if Germany won:-
“It is a fight for the destruction of England, the leadership of the world, and the domination of our race. If there be a God and a Providence, then must He give to the higher race higher rights.”
(Leipziger Neuste Nachrichten, 9.2.40.)
In another speech Ley disclosed the rate the Nazis have in store for a defeated Britain. He said:-
“England must be destroyed, and become once more that unknown green island that she was centuries ago.” (Angriff, 20.12.39)
Let us consider this statement side by side with one from the official Nazi organ, Wirtschaftsdienst, on 4th November, 1940:-
“World trade will be directed by Germany, who will make suitable arrangements with Norway for the use of Norway’s merchant fleet. Norway may be allowed to sell wood and pulp overseas with Grossraum support. Only such industries will be permitted for which Norway has natural qualifications. Norwegian water-power, once it is fully developed, will supply the German electro-thermic and other industries.”

Now let us re-write this extract in the light of the absolute and concrete evidence the Economic League has of the Nazi plans for the exploitation of Britain:-

“World trade will be directed by Germany, who will make suitable arrangements with Britain for the use of Britain’s merchant fleet. Britain may be allowed to sell agricultural products abroad with Grossraum support. Only such industries, i.e., agriculture and coal-mining, will be permitted, for which Britain has natural qualifications. The British coal industry will supply the German iron and steel and other industries.”

This isn’t exaggeration. It is plain, sober fact.

What would happen to the British standard of living? Substitute the words British and Britain for Dutch and Norway, and Britons for Poles, in the following extracts, and you will get the answer:-

“The standard of living of the Dutch people must be lowered if the conquered country is to supply Germany with food.” (Der Deutsche Volkswirt, 17.5.40.)

“Norway will be adjusted to the continental price level, wages will be reduced, and Norway will no longer be allowed a higher standard of living than the continental countries.” (Wirtshaftsdienst, 4.11.40.)

“A lower race needs less room, less clothing, less food and less culture than a higher race. The German cannot live under the same conditions as the Pole.” (Angriff, 31.1.40.)

“We must make the Pole feel that we are masters, and he must work for us. If he meets a German on the pavement, the Pole must step aside.” (Litzmannstaedter Zeitung, 25.10.40.)

What would this mean? The present state of Holland, Norway and Poland under German subjection provides the answer.


Now read the following letter, recently smuggled out of Poland, written by a well-educated woman who before the invasion managed a large estate:-

“Forgive the scribble, but an opportunity has come to let you have a letter, so I have sat down straight to write it from the rough work which I have to do now. But my hands are shaking, and besides I am sitting low and writing on my knees. We haven’t any table, and we sit on our beds, for we haven’t any chairs either. It makes life very difficult when you haven’t got anything, or anything to cook with. Fuel is difficult, too. You may have heard that we are living in the forest, in a hut which is more like a shed; there are great cracks in the walls. You can guess that it is very difficult to get warm enough even to be able to take off our overcoats for a little while. All our anxiety is to get food for the children. Our means are coming to an end and we don’t know what will happen then. We continually console ourselves with the thought that spring and summer are near; there will be berries and so on, and it is always easier to manage then. At present all our efforts are concentrated on filling the children’s bellies. We are selling what is left of our wardrobe; our coats, clothing and boots, and that will help for a while … but I don’t dare to think what will happen after … The children are a continual anxiety, they haven’t anything even to read, and of course are not getting any education. They help as best they can in our present life, they fetch water, collect brushwood for fires, help in the cleaning, and so on. I have to do everything, and in particular I do all the fetching and carrying; that is safer for me to do than any of the others, for I am over forty. At times the journey is very hard, recently I had to go to the town, five kilometres, and the snowdrifts were so deep that I hardly got there. I always return home dreading that I shall not find them all there. The older boys are already as tall as their father, though they are still so young, and with the continually increasing forced deportations we never know how long we shall have them with us. That is the worst of all, this everlasting threat hanging over us. And Marysia also is fifteen and … she is very good-looking. And such terrible things are happening. And there are other dangers and fears. There has been a new wave of general deportations and it is again getting near here. Shall we be able to escape it?”

Imagine your family in this condition, and remember that the Germans have declared quite openly that Poland would be a paradise compared with what they would make of a defeated Britain. Remember the Nazis’ aim as expressed in their own words. To “reduce the British population to degradation and poverty.” That applies to every man, woman and child in this island.


The fighting man in the front line, the worker, employer and employee in the factory, the woman in the home, the civil defence army at its posts of duty, each and all of us are fighting for our lives. We are fighting to lift a dark and evil shadow from the face of Europe. We are fighting so that our children and our children’s children can breathe the sweet air of freedom. We cannot rest on our arms for a single moment until Nazi Germany is defeated. Let us be very proud of the job or work we have got to do. Let us do that job with a determination, thoroughness and energy never before excelled. Let us give of our best every moment, every hour, of the day. Let us prove ourselves worthy of Britain’s “finest hour.”

Don’t waste this Leaflet. Pass it on.



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