Southwell, Brian Robert


Southwell, Brian Robert
B R Southwell


17 items. An oral history interview with Brian Robert Southwell (b. 1916, 402261 Royal Australian Air Force), his log books, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 148 and 178 Squadrons.

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Southwell, BR

Collection Items

Brian Southwell's log book. Two
Pilot’s flying log book covering the period from 7 July 1943 to 18 September 1944. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Lichfield (27 OTU) RAF Babdown Farm (3 FIS), USAAF (Smyrna AB), RAAF Ferry…

Brian Southwell's log book. One
Pilot’s flying log book covering the period from 21 October 1940 to 7 June 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAAF Mascot (4 EFTS), RAAF Amberley (3 SFTS), RAF Bassingbourn/Steeple Morden (11…

Brian Southwell's log book. Three
Pilot's logbook for Flying Officer B.R. Southwell covering 1st Feb - 25th Feb 1946. Aircraft flown were C-47 and C-49. The back page lists all previous aircraft types flown.This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no…

Six Airmen
Six airmen in leather flying jackets grouped under their aircraft. On the reverse -
'Crew 3
AM Clark 2nd Pilot Australian
DJ White Navigator English
SV Wilson 2nd Radio Op N.Z.
BR Southwell Captain Australian
DB Gaunt Rear Gunner Rhodesia

An air-to-air view of a four engined bomber seen from above, port side, slightly from the rear. It is captioned 'B-24 Consolidated Liberator (Long Range Army Bomber)'.

Four Ansons in flight
An air-to-air view of the starboard sides of four Ansons flying in loose formation. The closes is registered A4-19.

DC-3 in flight
An air-to-air view of Australian National Airlines DC-3 VH-CDD in flight. On its nose is 'W7691' in large characters.

15 RAAF Pilots Train for Civil Flying Service
A newspaper cutting with details and names of the 15 pilots to be trained for civil airline flying.

De Havilland Moth model
A photograph of a model made by Brian with details on its construction.

Cartoon of Brian Southwell
A cartoon of Brian with a brief biography.

Instrument Pilot Certificate
A certificate issued by the Army of the United States to Brian Southwell. It states he has met the requirements for the Instrument Pilot Certificate.

A military map of Tripoli with items of strategic importance marked.

Tripoli Harbour
A chart of Tripoli Harbour to be used for reporting enemy shipping.

Crashed C-49H VH-CXD
Six photographs of the crashed aircraft. Only the tail is intact with the registration and a USA identity mark. An envelope has details of the crash location and date.

Two Receipts for Classified Documents
Two receipts for classified documents, an envelope marked secret and a handwritten annotation.

St Clement Danes Bookmark
A bookmark published by the central church of the RAF.

Interview with Brian Robert Southwell
Brian Robert Southwell was born in Sydney and lived during the Depression which saw him have to set aside his interest in aircraft in order to secure a steady wage with an office job. He spent eighteen months making a model aircraft with the support…
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