15 RAAF Pilots Train for Civil Flying Service



15 RAAF Pilots Train for Civil Flying Service


A newspaper cutting with details and names of the 15 pilots to be trained for civil airline flying.




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15 RAAF Pilots Train for Civil Flying Service
MELBOURNE: The training of 15 pilots released from the RAAF to take up positions on the flying staff of Australian National Airways had already begun, an official of ANA said.
Although all the men had proved themselves efficient service pilots and had won many honours for bravery, an intensive course in civil flying was necessary.
In addition to the aircraft conversion course, similar to that undertaken by all air force pilots when changing from one type of aircraft to another, pilots had to study the application of air-radio operation and meteorological information to civil airlines.
They had also to learn about the organisation behind them in their new role, and would have to undergo tests laid down by the Department of Civil Aviation before they could be accepted by the company as pilots.
The men undergoing the course are: Squadron Leader E.H. O’Neill, DSO, DFC; Squadron Leader Frank Fischer, DFC; Squadron Leader J.F.P. Brough, DFC; Squadron Leader K.W. Kaufmann, DFC; Squadron Leader A.H. Green; Flight Lieut F.M. Griggs, DFC, DFM; Flight Lieut M.C. Shiphard, DFC; Flight Lieut A.W. Wales, DFC, DFM; Flight Lieut S.A. Lindsay; Flight Lieut R.M.D. Thomson; Flying Officer P.L. Elliott, DFM; Flying Officer C.W. Watt, DFM; Flying Officer G.A. Coombes; Flying Officer J.H. Smithson, DFC; and Flying Officer B.R. Southwell.
The appointment of this first batch of RAAF pilots to peace-time flying jobs is the initial development of ANA’s post-war plans.


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