The Aircraft by Night and The Crew by Day



The Aircraft by Night and The Crew by Day


Photograph 1 is the nose of a Lancaster. Two airmen are on a platform working on the port engine. it is captioned 'The Aircraft by Night (WS-R) EE136 The boys get "R" Roger ready for a trip'.
Photograph 2 is partly obscured. A group of airmen positioned in front of their aircraft. It is captioned 'Crew before a trip. In garments strange and varied'. They are dressed in Mae Wests and and flying gear.
Photograph 3 is eight airmen positioned in two rows in front of the nose of a Lancaster. It is captioned 'The Crew by Day The crew taken the morning after completing a tour.
R/G Robinson? Nav Ted Cave Skip Young T. F/E Al Ball M.U.G. Paddy ??? W/OP Jon Spauldron?? Rigger Fitter (The Bomb Aimer Keeble? had already gone on leave.)'.


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