Second and third operations, Walcheren and Brunswick



Second and third operations, Walcheren and Brunswick


Handwritten notes giving brief details of the operations and two relevant short newspaper cuttings, one titled 'Eight breaches both sides of flushing'.




Two handwritten notes and two newspaper cuttings on an album page


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Second Operation
Knolle Dyke
Saturday Afternoon, October 7th 1944.
Airborne 3hrs 10mins.

[inserted] X [/inserted] Eight separate breaches in the dyke which kept out the sea from south of the Island of Walcheren in the Scheldt Estuary, were made in the attack by R.A.F. Lancasters on Saturday. [inserted] X [/inserted]
Reconnaissance photographs show that the breaches are east and west of Flushing. By five p.m. on Saturday the sea had reached half a mile inland and surrounded a large fort.
Enemy Attacked By 7,000 Planes In 2 Hours – P5

[underlined] COLOGNE, TOO [/underlined]
More than 2,000 bombers were used in the three attacks. Some of them made the journey twice. During the night of Saturday – Sunday Bomber Command sent out the record number of 1,500 aircraft and made a secondary attack with [underlined] 800 tons of bombs on Brunswick. [/underlined]
It has been a week-end of spectacular and record bombing, and R.A.F. heavy bombers flew out across the east coast again last night for more than an hour.

Third Operation.
Saturday night. October 14th 1944.
Airborne 6hrs 55mins.



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