Sitting room in Keith Dexters house at Stevensons farm



Sitting room in Keith Dexters house at Stevensons farm


Top - sitting room with door on left and large cabinet behind sofa. Captioned 'Entry port into sitting room Stevensons farm'. Middle - view of part of room with wall clock on right, doorway and cabinet on left. In the foreground a sofa with side cap on top cushion. Caption 'Another view of sitting room looking down passage to the kitchen. Note the single hand Cromwellian clock which Phyl sold to Uncle Will Cocker in 60's when she was hard up for £25. Its worth about £5000 now. Note Dec's side hat with O'Cdt flash on front of it'. Bottom - view of room with brick fireplace on the right with ornaments above. In the centre a chair and to the left mirror on wall above table.




Three b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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