Letter from Harold Gorton to his wife



Letter from Harold Gorton to his wife


He writes of his flying training.




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[deleted] SILVERSTONE [/deleted], [inserted] Turweston [/inserted],
[deleted] NR. TOWCESTER. [/deleted] [inserted] Nr. Brackley, [/inserted]
[Royal Air Force crest]
Thursday evening.
It’s 8.15, & I’ve just spent half an hour after dinner trying to light the stove in the hut, so that I can write to you in peace & quiet. I think it’s going now, but it’s always a toss up with these stoves, as we have to light coke direct from wood.
It’s been a good day, as I’ve had two letters from you, and have talked to you on the phone. I’ve even flown as well – the first time since Saturday. I’m not solo, yet however. All we did was two hours I.F. & beam practice, and one landing at the end. I’m telling the other pilots on the course now that the trouble is that none of the instructors will take the responsibility of sending me solo. Actually, I don’t care how long it is before I’m solo, as long as I’m doing something useful, but there are several solo exercises I want to get cracking on.
[page break]
(Interruption at this point to put some more coke on the fire).
I thought I’d ring up tomorrow & find out if the bike had arrived. I’ll ask them to let me know when it does come, but it won’t surprise me if it’s late, knowing how trains are nowadays.
It’s a bit unfair to tell me of your jam tarts, when I’m not with you to eat them! Or was your idea to remind [deleted] ho [/deleted] me how much I’m missing?
Have you noticed how erratic the post is? Your letter of the 7th reached here this morning, & this afternoon I got the one written on the 8th.
Bob is in Corsica as far as I know.
I’m glad your watch is going well. I’d given it up until after the war, because you were wearing the Marks & Spencer one.
I’m sorry I misled you about that hotel booking. I’m afraid I never dreamed that you’d think I’d booked the room for one night only, & that’s presumably why I didn’t explain it better.
[page break]
My remarks about the night flying were not intended to mean that you’d better not come. I was merely apologising in advance in case I found I was unable to spend much time with you.
I don’t know if you realise that I’m expecting to be away from here in about a fortnight or so. The month will be ended two weeks today, but we shall probably be two or three days late. I’m not quite certain what I shall be doing then, but what I expect is that my course at O.T.U. will then considered to be finished, & I shall be ready for posting. In that case I shall get at least a week’s leave before moving on to my next unit.
Still we shall be able to talk all that over when you come here. I can’t tell you how much I am longing to see you.
[page break]
I seem to be living in a vacuum until Monday.
All my love,



Harold Gorton, “Letter from Harold Gorton to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 31, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9217.

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