Letter from David Boldy to his mother



Letter from David Boldy to his mother


Letter from David Boldy to his mother with general conversation about life at St. Paul's school in Darjeeling. He writes about his marks in English and the marks of the other boys, the Rectors hockey match played by the under 11’s and the under 14’s. He also writes about a Chaplin film 'City Lights'.




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Two page handwritten letter


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My darling [deleted] Daddy [/deleted] [inserted] Mumy. [sic] [/inserted]
Thank you for your letter. I got 40 in English. The master who took us in English marked very stiff, the marks [deleted] were [/deleted] boys got were 48, 41, 38, 29, 27, 21, and three papers have not yet been corrected. I am sending you six more nestles pictures. Please send us a list of what you need every week.
The days are simply flying, there are only 69 days left. For the Rectors cup in hockey, the under 11 played one match, and the under 14 played one match. The goals shot by both sides were added and whoever had the most goals won the cup. St. Josephs won. Our under 11 were beaten 3-1, and our under 14 drew 1-1.
Stevie played centre forward for our under 14. He shot our goal. I was just [deleted] of [/deleted] over age. A few other of our good players were also over age, and could not play. One of our under 14 boys shot and the ball chiped [sic] and hit the post. This saturday [sic] the school are going to see Charly [sic] Chaplin in “City Lights.

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Last night the school showed with its own Cinema two pictures each [inserted] two [/inserted] [deleted] to [/deleted] reals, they were quite good. The first one was very good. Reginald D [deleted] J [/deleted] enny acted in it. I have seen one of the Nestles volume [underlined] II [/underlined] Pictures, it was very nice. One of the boys was sent it from England. It was a series [underlined] XVI [/underlined] one. Mr Rudra stopped Stevies leave, for fooling in Prep or something like that but he should not have stopped Stevies leave for it. I am ending now, with lots of love and Kisses from your loving son
[underlined] David [/underlined]



David Boldy, “Letter from David Boldy to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/844.

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