Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father



Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father


Title 'Trocas at Sea'. Thanks Dennis Raettig for typing book and says how he is getting on with typing. Notes that he listened to Scotland verses England match and he is writing off Madeira. Talks of writing to Jack and of war news he has heard. Requests that wife brings radio papers so he can catch up on entertainment. Follows with catching up with family and friends.





One-page typewritten docment


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At Sea.
Dear Dennis,
I am awfully glad that you gave me that typing book, it has helped me to pass many lonly [sic] hours away[deleted]m[/deleted] and the time is not wasted either. I suppose at the schools they have a metronome to make the thing rythmic [sic], of course, my typing is not rythmic [sic], it is very uneven, stil [sic] I am improving every day. Are you still enjoying the gram? or are you fed up with it now. I listened to the whole of the Scotland v England match on Saturday. I am writing this letter off Madeira. I started by writing to Max, and thought I would carry on, I have had a few words with Jack and now here I am. Listening to all this war-talk, makes me wonder if those two guys are really sane or not? The presidents message leaves a door open for anyone to save his face. Ask mama to be sure to bring me two of those Radio papers when she comes to see me again, as I want to know when to listen in for Eddie Cantor and also for Gracie Allen and George Burns.. Marion Barber said she wanted to kiss me goodbye, will you mention that I will collect when I come home again.. Are you on speaking terms with Rene or not? queer fish women. never know when you have them. I like that Tango “Violetta” it is a good tune isnt [sic] it? This ship is due for docking in August[deleted]a[/deleted] and we are all hoping that she will stick around and do the docking at home. I dont [sic] think much to “My Own” was it being played when I was at home.. Golly Radio Normandy is wishing us fine weather and a pleasant voyage. Who is the BLUDDY piecan than [sic] sings [inserted] the Goodnight song. Well cheerio & good hunting. Father
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at sea 14-6-39
Dear Dennis
I wonder why you should be surprised that your father should write to you. Isnt [sic] it fairly natural? Still if you were pleased it was not a letter wasted. I wouldn’t exactly describe you as a “Black sheep” at writing to me, say a brown lamb.
Your typing book is doing more work that it has ever done. I have learnt the rudiments of touch typing from it. my last second mate did, and the other day in Southampton the new third mate went ashore and bought himself a new Empire typewriter. I have lent him the book and he is going ahead like fire with it, He told me last night that he can do the asdfghjkl; line and words like flask without looking at the machine. he was very proud of his work. The mate is going to buy one, but I should like to tempt him to buy this one from me as I do not like this “Elite” type. I dont [sic] do enough typing to ever be very fast at it but at least the way I manage the machine now shows that I have had someone who knows something about it showing me the stuff. Can you still type, with not working at it have you lost it? Jack is always at it so he is fairly fast. I bet 99% of the captains in this company would turn green with envy if they saw me typing, and it is all due to your book. Will you ask Marion to put that kiss promise in black and white, talk is cheap.
Marion and Joan could scarcely visit my ship if we came to Saltend, you know yourself how sticky the authorities are about letting females on the jetty, in any case I should not be on board I should either be doing the ships business or at Raeville.
Do they want to startle the natives by sunbathing here. What would 14 European and 39 Chinks think to two naked beauties lying on my deck. They would probably say that the old man was a Mormon.
The medical authorities in Singapore put the patients out in the sun to heal up operations, [underlined] BUT [/underlined] sunbathing is inadvisable (in Singapore) after 8 a.m. and before 4 p.m. the suns rays have to pass through so much of the atmosphere before they are any use medicinally and when the sun gets too high they do not pass through the requisite amount of it. How do you sunbathe in Barbers garden, do you put a bathing costume on.?
I think it is a good idea of Marions to learn to drive she can join up then and do something useful, if the mess comes. Well it is noon and I have a date on the bridge to do a spot of navigating so I will make a noise like an egg and beat it.
Bye and best of luck, regards to Marion P.S. and kisses too large ones.
Your loving parent.



Mr Raettig, “Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 27, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/8316.

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