Cadets and personnel



Cadets and personnel


Group portrait of personnel in formal pose, either sitting on the ground, seated or standing. Some men are in cadet uniform, other wear side caps. One man in the second row is without a shirt or uniform jacket. There is a dog next to a man sitting in the middle. Captioned ‘B. Wallis’; on the reverse signatures and positions of each man.




One b/w photograph


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PAnsellAV1616, PAnsellAV1617


C5. C. Morris
A17. P.W. Mather
B3. John G-P
C2. Ron Lennan
B10. John R. Pledger
D1. C. Watkin
A15. C. Furminger
C4. H.J. Hooper
B2. Geo. Liddle
A7. J.E. Gummery
B2. B.A.W. Beer
A6. Wm. G. Dawson
B5. D.J. Atherton
D7. A.F. Cudd
D4. A Holdeyn
A8. F. Chislett
D2. W. Mycroft
A14. W. Skelton
B15. F.J. Faye
B13. Geo. Aitken
C7. John Higham
C11. Edward Blacksell
C16. W. Rhodes
D3. J. Gorton
B12. R. Brough
C8. F. Beattie
A8. V.A. Fitt
D6. B.A. Hyland
A5. E. Martin
A13. X.H. Gibson
A16. Denis A. Desmond
B8. J.A. Read
C13. R. Leyland
D10. D.P. Hollander
A1. L. Clattlen
B16. L. Mutford
B11. A. Gillard
B.17 W. Bentley
C17. G.W. Lowden
C10. K.L. Huggett
C3. W. Bailey
A9. W.J. Collins
B6. S.R. Simons
A5. D.F. Roberts
B1. L. Ormerod
A3. L. Dallimore
B9. John McLane
B14. D. Grimshaw
D7. H. Unpleley
B4. G.F. Armstrong
C1. M.J. Flaherty
C12. R.F. Goodman
C15. H.M. Hidsley
A12. F.C. Thompson
C6. H.A. Faulkner
A11. A.V. Ansell



“Cadets and personnel,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024,

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