Squadron Detail 12 August 1944, Serial Number 42



Squadron Detail 12 August 1944, Serial Number 42


Covers change of command of 44 Squadron to Squadron Leader G A Hildred, discipline in the Sergeants mess, Sick parades orders, and instructions regarding Royal Canadian Air Force personnel bank accounts. Finally discipline fire piquet lists. Scribbled through in blue pencil.



Temporal Coverage



One-page typewritten document


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Squadron Detail. by
Squadron Leader G. A. Hildred.
Commanding, No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron,
Royal Air Force, DUNHOLME LODGE.
Serial No……………..42.
Page No………………..1.
1. [underlined] CHANGE OF COMMAND. [/underlined]
Squadron Leader G.A.Hildred assumes command of No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron, vice Wing Commander F.W. Thompson,DFC. AFC.
2. [underlined] DISCIPLINE. – SERGEANTS’ MESS. [/underlined]
The Sergeant’s Mess is placed out of bounds to all Officers until further notice. Consideration may be given at a later date to the acceptance of any Mess invitation which the C.M.C of the Sergeant’s Mess may care to make to the Officers’ Mess.
Private invitations by members of the Sergeants (sic) Mess to a member of the Officers’ Mess must receive the approval of the Squadron or Section Commander of the Officer concerned, and in any case, such invitations will not be considered for at least one month from the date of this order.
3. [underlined] SICK PARADES. [/underlined]
Airmen who are exempted from full duties for a period owing to sickness, [underlined] MUST [/underlined] report on sick parade at the end of the period.
Aircrew MUST report immediately to the Adjutant after being recatagorised as fit for full flying duties.
3. [underlined] BANK ACCOUNTS – R.C.A.F.PERSONNEL. [/underlined]
(a) Many Officers, airmen and airwomen in the Royal Canadian Air Force have opened private bank accounts, other than, in the case of Officers, the accounts in the United Kingdom in which their pay is deposited. In the event of the death of any such personnel, if the pass book or some other record is not found among the personal effects, all trace of such a private bank account may be lost. Consequently, the monies deposited therein will not be included in the distribution of the estate.
(b) If therefore, R.C.A.F. personnel wish to ensure that the existence of their private bank accounts will come to the notice of the R.C.A.F. Officer i/c estates, they should have written notice thereof to the R.C.A.F Overseas Records Officer, who will maintain a record.
(c) Each such notice is to indicate –
(1) Number, rank & name in full.
(2) name (sic) & address of bank or other institution in which the account is kept.
(3) account (sic) number.
(d) All such notices are to be collected under unit arrangements and forwarded to the R.C.A.F. Overseas Records Officer 1, Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London. S.W.3.
(e) Any R.C.A.F. officer, airman, or airwoman may send a notice to the R.C.A.F. Overseas Records Officer at any time.
4. [underlined] DISCIPLINE. – FIRE PIQUET. [/underlined]
[underlined] DATE. [/underlined] [underlined] SITE NO.1. [/underlined]
14.8.44. Bowring. 276
15.8.44. Brewer. 131
16.8.44. Dowie. 356
17.8.44. Wilson. 310
18.8.44. Waine. 929
19.8.44. Ward. 037
20.8.44. Scoggins.743
[underlined] DATE. [/underlined] [underlined] SITE NO 5. [/underlined]
14.8.44 Smith 040
15.8.44 McKay. 165
16.8.44 Jagger 904
17.8.44 McKay. 299
18.8.44 Allen. 005
19.8.44 Clegg. 597
20.8.44. Roberts. 751


………………..page 2.


Squadron Leader G A Hildred, “Squadron Detail 12 August 1944, Serial Number 42,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7566.

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