Page from squadron routine orders



Page from squadron routine orders


Orders for unclaimed baggage or kit, Lists airmen under discipline for fire piquet and airfield. Lists room orderlies for station fatigues. Provides information that transport on posting will not be provided.

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COMMANDING NO 44 (RHODESIA) [missing word]
1. [underlined] UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE OR KIT. – PERSONNEL EX-OVERSEAS. [/underlined]
+A quantity of unclaimed baggage and kit of R.A.F. Officers and airmen returning from overseas and which for various reasons is not claimed at the ports of disembarkation, is forwarded on to Uxbridge, and in order to arrange for it’s [sic] storage and disposal, a section has been formed at Uxbridge for this specific purpose.
Any Officer or airman who has lost his kit in transport from overseas, should apply to the Orderly Room for further particulars, with a view to it being traced.
2. [underlined] DISCIPLINE. FIRE PIQUET. [/underlined]
[UNDERLINED] DATE. SITE NO 1. [/underlined]
18.9.44. Dempsey
19.9.44. Wardle
20.9.44. Harris 123
21.9.44. Barnett.
22.9.44. Wilkinson. 771
23.9.44. Harris 708
24.9.44. McClay.
[underlined] DATE. SITE NO 5. [/underlined]
18.9.44. Brookesbank.
19.9.44. Williams 480
20.9.44. Meads. 077
21.9.44. Howlings. 719
22.9.44. Bygrave.
23.9.44. Tite 673
24.9.44. Neary 057
[underlined] AIRFIELD. [/underlined]
[UNDERLINED] DATE. SITE NO 1. [/underlined]
18.9.44. Light.
19.9.44. Ramsden
20.9.44. Green
21.9.44. Scoggins
22.9.44. Ewing
23.9.44. Brewer
24.9.44. Smith 771
[underlined] DATE. SITE NO 5. [/underlined]
18.9.44. Henning 881
19.9.44. Clare
20.9.44. Lott
21.9.44. Berkhamstead
22.9.44. Taylor 148
23.9.44. Smith 040
24.9.44. Mackay 165
3. [underlined] ROOM ORDERLIES FOR STATION FATIGUES. [/underlined]
The room orderlies of the undermentioned huts will report to the S.W.O. (Station Warrant Officer) at 09.30 hours on the dates stated.
[underlined] DATE. SITE NO [sic] HUT NO. [/underlined]
18.9.44. 1 19.6.15.
19.9.44. 1 17.18.16.
20.9.44. 1 15.6.19.
21.9.44. 1 14.17.18.
22.9.44. 1 19.6.15.
23.9.44. 1 17.18.16.
24.9.44. 1 15.6.19.
[underlined] DATE. SITE NO. HUT NO. [/underlined]
18.9.44. 5 11.12.13.
19.9.44. 5 19.20.21.
20.9.44. 5 22.23.24.
21.9.44. 5 11.12.13.
22.9.44. 5 19.20.21.
23.9.44. 5 22.23.24.
24.9.44. 5 11.12.13.
4. [underlined] TRANSPORTATION ON POSTING. [/underlined]
All personnel are informed that w.e.f. (with effect from) 9.9.44, special transport will not be provided for personnel on posting and that same will only be provided once daily on request from the M.T. (Military Transport) Officer.
The transport will leave the camp at 12.30 hours ( [sic] in order to connect with the lunch-time trains) when considered necessary. In addition to the above, personnel are informed that there are service buses at 08.00 and 17.15 hours that connect with the morning and evening trains respectively. These buses are prepared to carry the normal amount of kit.
Only in the most exceptional cases will transport other than the above be provided on posting.
E. O Collcutt F/Lt (Flight Lieutenant),
For Wing Commander,
[underlined] NO 44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON [/underlined].


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Page from squadron routine orders,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024,

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