Operations order 9 December 1944



Operations order 9 December 1944
Operational programme 9/10 December 1944


Lists crews and aircraft for operations 9/10 December 1944. Includes standby, reserve crews and duty personnel. A number of crews are circled in blue and standby crew is crossed out. Some names have been added. Annotated 'Urft Dam'.



Temporal Coverage



One-page typewritten document


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[inserted] URFT DA [indecipherable letter].

[underlined] No. 44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. [/underlined] [underlined] 9th DECEMBER 1944 [/underlined]

[underlined] OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR 9/10th DECEMBER, 1944 [/underlined]

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] N.G.195.C.(I) [/underlined]
F/O Boyle
Sgt. Thornton
Sgt. Pickup
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] Sgt. Turner [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Doggart
F/S Smith
Sgt. Hance

[underlined] N.D.578.Y.(III) [/underlined]
F/O Smith
Sgt. Dent
F/O Winter
[underlined] F/O Long [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
F/S Pugh
Sgt. Hall
Sgt. Jones.

[underlined] N.D.496.A.(III) [/underlined]
F/O Walker
Sgt. Crooks
Sgt. Turner
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] Sgt. Hardy [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Roberts
Sgt. Spence
Sgt. Ward.

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] P.B.190.J.(III)
F/O Fugger
Sgt. Lee
F/S Albrecht
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/S Roberts [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Kirby
Sgt. Ball
Sgt. Dyball

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] M.E.299.E.(III) [/underlined]
F/L Mangos
Sgt. Fitzpatrick
Sgt. Finlayson
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/S Sheehan [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Harvey
Sgt. James
Sgt. George.

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] N.F.991.D.(I) [/underlined]
F/O Freeland
Sgt. Nelson
F/S Roper
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/S Gardiner [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
F/S Ockerby
Sgt. Watson
Sgt. Watts

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] P.B.380.S.(III) [/underlined]
F/O Peterswald
Sgt. McShane [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
F/O Temple
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] Sgt. Askill [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
F/S Tullock
Sgt. Horne
Sgt. Howells.

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] N.G.974.P.(III) [/underlined]
F/O Hart
Sgt. Smith
F/S Green
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/S Bell [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Codrai
Sgt. Spiers
Sgt. Merry.

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] P.B.417.R.(III) [/underlined]
F/O Thomson
Sgt. Thorn
Sgt. Humber
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/S Smith [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Wicks
Sgt. Lee
Sgt. Padgett

[underlined] P.B.360.V.(III) [/underlined]
F/O Worral
Sgt. Wilson
Sgt. Fuller
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] Sgt. Clements [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Watt
Sgt. Judd
Sgt. Maidment

[underlined] P.B.733.T.(III) [/underline]
F/S Spencer
Sgt. Bishop
Sgt. Sinclair
[underlined] Sgt. Mitchell [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Seabridge
Sgt. Johncook
Sgt. Cobley

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] N.D.631.B.(III) [/underlined]
F/O Irvine
Sgt. West
Sgt. Bilsland
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/O Cooper [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
F/S Brandli
Sgt. Simpson
Sgt. Greenewald

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] P.D.372.Z.(I) [/underlined]
F/O Gardiner
Sgt. Ludlow
F/S MacDonald
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/S Beaton [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Burroughs
Sgt. Walsh
Sgt. Van Niekerk

[circled crew and plane]
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underline] P.B.381.F.(III) [/underline]
F/O Jetson
Sgt. Collington
Sgt Smith
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] Sgt. Stevens [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Silson
Sgt Cazaly
Sgt. Bosley

[underline] STANDBY [/underline]
[underline] P.B.534.Q.(III) [/underline]
F/O Kennedy
Sgt. Olsen
F/S Kelly
[underlined] F/O Jones [/underlined]
Sgt. Short
Sgt. McBurney
Sgt. Bull.
[inserted] [crew crossed through] [/inserted]

[circled crew and plane]
[underlined] RESERVE [/underlined]
F/L Richardson
Sgt. Mately
F/O Davison
[inserted] [tick] [/inserted] [underlined] F/S Stevens [/underlined] [deleted] [tick] [/deleted]
Sgt. Marshall
Sgt. Lewis
Sgt. Bowsher.

[inserted] [circled Barlow [indecipherable word] Fox [3 ticks] ?] [/inserted]

[underlined] DUTY CREW [/underlined]
F/O Jory
Sgt. Fox
Sgt. Crang
[deleted] [tick] [/deleted] [underlined] F/O Pooley [/underlined]
Sgt. Butcher
W/O Oates
Sgt Hunt

[underlined] COMMUNICATIONS CREW. [/underlined]
F/S Walters
Sgt. Bell
Sgt. Boulter.

[underlined] BRIEFING TIMES [/underlined]
Captains –
Main –

[inserted] [circled Daggett Sharpe [ 2 ticks]] [/inserted]

[inserted] [deleted] [60 [/deleted] [/inserted]

Officer i/c Flying : S/Ldr. Bird.
Duty Flight N.C.Os. : Sgt. Kerr. Sgt. Wawn
Duty Photos : Sgt. White
Duty F/Eng. Officer : F/Lt. Hayward
Duty Signals Officer : F/Lt Hughes.

Duty Flight Engineer : To be detailed
Duty Signals : To be detailed.
Duty Clerk :
Duty Gunnery : To be detailed.
Duty Air Bomber : To be detailed.

[Inserted] [circled Sargent. Walters [tick]] [/inserted]

[inserted] [circled Sutherland. White] [/inserted]

Flight Lieutenant, for Squadron Leader,
[underlined] Commanding No. 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron. [/underlined]


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Operations order 9 December 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 25, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7305.

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