Bomb timers briefing 9 December 1944 - Urft Dam



Bomb timers briefing 9 December 1944 - Urft Dam


Indicates a single bomb load for operation. Included preselection and distributor and other settings. On the reverse target marking and bombing details. Warning that own troops are 3 miles away from target and crews are only to bomb if red TIs clearly visible. Master bomber will not allow bombing until he is satisfied with marking. Also includes code words , timings and other details.



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Two sided form document partially filled in front and handwritten on reverse


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DATE 9-12-44

[Table of bomb loads]

PETROL. 1300


T.V. 1660


ALL UP. WEIGHT. 65,386

[Table of Preselect]

[Table of aircraft heights]

ZERO. 0600

[Underlined] NICKELS. [/deleted] EFFORT. 200+

TARGET A.U.W. [Boxed] 59,000lbs [/boxed] TARGET HEIGHT. 1059’

TARGET [deleted] GROUND SPEED. [/deleted] W/V 300/25

BOMBING HEIGHTS. [deleted] 6-9,000’ [/deleted] 8-10,000’

[Page break]

[Underlined] 2-1-2 [/underlined]

H-12-8. Oboe Green TI one mile East of Δ 7 min burners

H-10, 8.6. Flares

H-10 or as soon as poss. Marking Pt. Red TI.
Backed up if accurate with further Red TI.
Yellow Scrub. No emergency attack.

Aim centre bomb at Red TI unless otherwise ordered using the false wind vector b’cast by 5 GP at H-5.

Own troops only 3 miles away from this target.

Crews are only to bomb if the Red TI are clearly visible & in the graticule & if ordered to do so by the controller.

Controller will not order bombing unless he is satisfied with the marking & with the identification of the Δ.

Master bomb switch not to be switched on until 20 secs before release point & is to be switched off immediately after bombing.

Home down B line of Ruhr chain.

Only [underlined] one [/underlined] wind will be b’cast


Marking Pt is the centre of the large open field 200yds N.W. of the APT.

Window Rate G in target.
Type MB. on homeward journey, at Rate D to 40°E.

Some bombsights are now levelled at 59,000 lbs.

[Underlined] Minimum bombing height [/underlined] 4,000’ above Δ.

[Underlined] Max T.O.T. [/underlined] 20 mins.

Nav. 0030
Capt. 0100
Main. 0130

[Underlined] Stop Bmg. [/underlined] Punchdrunk
[Underlined] Abandon [/underlined] Dewdrop



“Bomb timers briefing 9 December 1944 - Urft Dam,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 29, 2023,

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