Operations order 7 September 1944



Operations order 7 September 1944
Operational programme for night 7/8 September 1944


List crews and aircraft for operations on night 7/8/ September 1944. One member of each crew is underlined.and ticked. Some crew members have crosses appended alongside. Standby crew has aircraft letter 'Q' annotated alongside. Includes duty personnel. Three crew members have '+' appended which note states are 2nd pilots. Crew of aircraft 'L' third row down third across has 'F/O Valentine' crossed out and 'F Lt Lowrey' added.



Temporal Coverage



One-page typewritten document


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[Underlined] NO.44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. 7th, SEPTEMBER, 1944. [/underlined]


[underlined] PB.380.S. (III). [/underlined]

F/O. Boswell

Sgt. Loynd [cross]

Sgt. Meakin

[underlined] F/O. Creed [/underlined] [tick]

F/S. Hunt

Sgt. Merry

F/S. Leslie

[underlined] PB.251/G.O. (III). [/underlined]

F/O. Freestone

Sgt. Post

F/S. Cage

[underlined] F/S. Treloar [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Taylor

Sgt. Bullivant

Sgt. Henders

[underlined] LM.650.T. (III). [/underlined]

F/O. Lewis [cross]

Sgt. Neilans

F/S. Shearman

[underlined] Sgt. King [/underlined] [tick]

F/S. Mills

W/O. Welensky, DFM

W/O. Suckling, DFM

[underlined] PB.535.Z. (III). [/underlined]

F/O. Lade

F/S. Starkie

W/O. Awcock

[underlined] F/O. McCullum [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Benjamin

F/S. Conquest

F/O. Hourigan

[underlined] PB.417.R. (III). [/underlined]

F/O. Heath

Sgt. Smith [cross]

Sgt. Bennett

[underlined] F/S. Laforest [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Parkinson

Sgt. Pyper

Sgt. Coutts

+F/O. Worrall

[underlined] ND.578. (III) Y. (sic) [/underlined]

F/O. Hart

Sgt. Smith

Sgt. Green

[underlined] F/S. Bell [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Codrai

Sgt. Spiers

F/S. Lillywhite

+F/O. Yaxley

[underlined] LL.965. (I) V. (sic) [/underlined]

F/O. Westgate

Sgt. Fisher [cross]

F/S. Taylor

[underlined] Sgt. Thompson [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Randall

Sgt. Murphy

Sgt. Gee

[underlined] LM.655.U. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Barlow

Sgt. Thornalley

Sgt. Symonds

[underlined] F/S. Fox [/underlined]

Sgt. Clements

Sgt. White

Sgt. Wilkes

[underlined] PB.235.G. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Evans

F/S. Gunnee

F/S. Hunter

[underlined] F/S. Harper [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Fearn

Sgt. Vause

Sgt. Cahill

[underlined] ND.869/G.M. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Good

Sgt. Watson

F/S. Hooke

[underlined] F/O. Presnail [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Meredith

Sgt. Chapman

Sgt. Furlong

[underlined] LM.654.L. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Anning

Sgt. Snedker

F/S. Cardwell

[underlined] [crossed out] F/O. Valentine [/crossed out] [handwritten addition] F/Lt. Lowry [/handwritten addition] [/underlined] [tick]

P/O. Slater

Sgt. Vance

Sgt. Retter

[underlined] PB.190/G.J. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Davey [cross]

Sgt. Rawcliffe

F/O. Turner

[underlined] F/O. Roddie [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Oliphant

F/S. Arnold

Sgt. Morley

[underlined] LM.625.H. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Slade

Sgt. Crammond

F/S. Henderson

[underlined] F/O. Shute [/underlined]

Sgt. Bishop [tick]

Sgt. Beechey

F/S. Spankie

[underlined] ND.631.B. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Hodson

Sgt. Warburton [cross]

Sgt. Cree

[underlined] Sgt. Randell [/underlined] [tick]

F/S. Dubois

Sgt. Thornton

Sgt. Nolan

[underlined] PB.192/G.F. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Sutherland

Sgt. Cheeseman [cross]

F/S. Jensen

[underlined] F/S. White [/underlined] [tick]

F/S. Clow

F/S. Petersen

Sgt. Merola

[underlined] PB.189/G.A. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Oxborrow

Sgt. Cotter

F/S. Hamilton

[underlined] F/S. Murphy [/underlined] [tick]

Sgt. Williams

Sgt. Penton

Sgt. Halliwell

+F/O. Croker

[underlined] LM.648.K. (III) [/underlined]

F/O. Poole

Sgt. Wild [cross]

F/S. Stephenson

[underlined] F/S. Matthews [/underlined] [tick]

F/S. Clulow

F/S. Easterling

F/S. McDougall

[underlined] STANDBY [/underlined] [cross]

F/O. Dives

Sgt. Crowston

Sgt. Armitage

[underlined] F/O. Nellyer [/underlined]

F/S. Ford

Sgt. Potts

Sgt. Biddle

[underlined] STANDBY [/underlined] [handwritten] Q [/handwritten]

F/O. Richardson

Sgt. Matley

Sgt. Davison

[underlined] Sgt. Stevens [/underlined]

Sgt. Marshall [tick]

Sgt. Morris

Sgt. Bowsher

[underlined] DUTY CREW [/underlined]

[underlined] F/O. Alabaster [/underlined]

F/S. Mitchell

Sgt. Jordan

Sgt. Marwood

Sgt. Henshaw

Sgt. Wilcox

Sgt. Williams


Officer i/c Night Flying - W/Cdr. Thompson

Duty Flight Engineer - To be detailed.

Duty Electricians – LAC’s Ramsden and Ward

Duty Photos - Sgt. White.

Duty Sigs - Cpl. Russell and AC. Evans.

Duty Armr. NCOs – Cpl. Lomax

Duty Flight NCO’s - Sgt. Gibbons and Sgt. Rubenstein

Duty Clerk - LAC. Gumprich

Duty Sigs. Officer - F/Lt. Hughes

Duty F/E Officer - F/Lt. Hayward

Duty A/Bomber - F/Lt. Lowry

Duty Gunnery Officer - F/Lt. Clarke

Duty Radar – To be detailed

[Signature] E O Collcutt [/signature]

Flight Lieutenant, for Wing Commander,

[Underlined] Commanding, No.44 (Rhodesia) Squadron. [/underlined]


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Operations order 7 September 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7210.

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