The Clubberwocky



The Clubberwocky


A poem titled The Clubberwocky. It is from Alice Aforethought - Guinness Carrolls. 1938.




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FROM-ALICE AFORETHOUGHT_ Guinness Carrolls .1938.

[underlined]THE CLUBBERWOCKY[/underlined]

T’was niblig, and the tweeded droves
Did wag and swipe as they offplayed;
All uppish were the caddicoves
With the golf bags arrayed.

“Beware the Potterhunt, my son,
The jaws that boast, the score that’s scratch.
Beware the Clubclub man, and shun
The gaspious medal match".

He took his smashie club in hand,
Long time the Pothunt foe he fought;
So rested he by the thirteenth tee,
And stood awhile in thought.

And as in sportish thought he stood,
The Potterhunt with eyes of flame
Came boasting up with hisnew wood
And burbled of his game.

“All square, beware,” he thought andthought [sic],
The driver head went sweeply back;
He laid it dead and was ahead
And came oneupping back.

“And hast thou slain the Potterhunt?
What is the secret, man inspired?”
“Guinness a day – I always say
Have Guinness when you’re tired.”

T’was Muncheon, and the tweeded mass
Gave putter up for nibble-spoon;
All downish was the Guinness glass
For strengthly afternoon.



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