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Hattersley, Peter
Peter Hattersley
C R Hattersley
Charles Raymond Hattersley


77 items. The collection concerns Wing Commander Charles Raymond Hattersley DFC (1914-1948, 800429, 40699 Royal Air Force). Peter Hattersley served in the Royal Engineers between 1930 and 1935 but enlisted in the RAF in 1936. He trained as a pilot and flew with 106, 44 and 199 Squadrons. He completed 32 operations with 44 Squadron but had to force land his Wellington in France on his first operation with 199 Squadron in December 1942. He became a prisoner of war. He married Miss Kathleen Hattersley nee Croft after the war. The collection contains his logbook, notebooks, service material, his decorations and items of memorabilia in a tin box and 39 photographs.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Charles William Hattersley and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Hattersley, CR

Collection Items

Birth Certificate
Peter Hattersley's birth certificate

Baptism Certificate
Peter Hattersley's baptism certificate

Certificate of Service
Covering letter for the issue of Form 11433, Certificate of Service and Discharge from the Auxiliary Air Force.

Method of recording flying times
Instructions on filling in a Log Book

1946 Diary
A diary used as a notebook by Peter Hattersley. In addition to notes there are addresses and telephone numbers.

Auxiliary Air Force Certificate of Service and Discharge
Peter Hattersley's Certificate of Service and Discharge from the Auxiliary Air Force 1936 to 1937.

Firearm Certificate
A firearm certificate held by Wing Commander Peter Hattersley for a .22 Remington rifle.

Certified copy of attestation
Peter Hattersley's certified copy of attestation.

Intimation of birth
The birth of Peter and Kathleen Hattersley's son, Charles Hattersley announced in a newspaper cutting.

Lock of hair
Lock of blonde hair in an envelope. The envelope is addressed to '201, Anerley Road, Anerley' and has a number 416 in the bottom left corner.

Ode to the skies - up there
24 lines of a poem about flying, signed by Peter Hattersley

Letter from Post Office Telephones to Peter Hattersley
The letter explains that it is not possible to offer a telephone line or a shared line due to equipment issues at the exchange.

Letter from Group Captain R E Bain  to The Telephone Manager
The letter is in support of Peter Hattersley's request for a telephone line to be installed at his house.

Letter from Post Office Telephones to Peter Hattersley
Details about a new telephone line installation at his house.

Ode to Last Year
A three page poem about happiness with another person.

Peter Hattersley's note book
A duplicate book with letters handwritten by Peter Hattersley to various people and organisations.

Christmas Card from Peter Hattersley
The card has the crest of the School of Air Navigation. Inside there is a handwritten personal message signed by Peter Hattersley.

Navigation policy of the Royal Air Force
The document is broken down into Definitions, scope, air warfare, air safety, organisation, Ministry of Supply, Commands, Groups, Stations, Squadrons, Basic and operational training, Post Graduate training, Navigation technique -Policy, Equipment -…

Peter Hattersley's discharge from the Royal Engineers
A certificate of discharge from the Territorial Army, Royal Engineers for Peter Hattersley. It notes that he enlisted in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Airmanship Intermediate Examination
An exam paper for Intermediate Airmanship. There are ten questions, candidates were to answer only eight.

Pressure Pattern Flying
A technical document describing the theory of pressure pattern flying. It contains formulae, diagrams, tables and text describing the techniques to be used. The last page is annotated 'Pressure Pattern Flying for Air Ministry orders.'

Postcard to Kathleen Crofts
A postcard from Peter Hattersley to Kathleen Crofts written from his prisoner of war camp. In it he describes a fairy story that he is writing and concludes by stating that he hopes its first private reading will be in bed with her.

Peter Hattersley's prisoner of war notebook
During his incarceration at Stalag Luft 3 Peter Hattersley kept a note book describing subjects that were important to him. There is a list of books that he read, his cash accounts, a list of books to read, places to visit, sailing notes, extracts…

Peter Hattersley's pilot's flying log book
Pilot's log book for Wing Commander Peter Hattersley, covering the period 10 April 1937 to 24 September 1948. It details his flying training, operations flown and other flying duties. He was stationed at Hanworth Park, RAF Reading, RAF Netheravon,…

The Clubberwocky
A poem titled The Clubberwocky. It is from Alice Aforethought - Guinness Carrolls. 1938.
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