Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey writes thanking friends for letters and a poem. He complains about early pub shutting times in Scotland and about the weather. He mentions that he has booked leave and concludes with some light hearted banter.




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Envelope and three page handwritten letter


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10.15 AM

[postage stamp]

[inserted] EXAMINER 1989 [/inserted]

Mr. W. Gunton.
Waterlow and Sons Ltd.
Twyford Abbey Road.
Park Royal.
London. N.W.10.

[page break]

[Reverse of envelope]

[inserted] P. C. 90 OPENED BY [/inserted]

[page break]

1384535 A.C.2. Lamprey.
Signals Section.
H.Q. 14 Group. RAF.

Saturday [underlined] 1st. [/underlined]

Dear Uncle Bill – Friends – J. Moloney – E. Hunt.

Thanks for the shoals of correspondence I have received this week. The bardic crown was much appreciated and will do to wear when I get browned off wearing my cap - field service – airmen – for the use of. “The Royal” is a nice bit of work and I like the contributors – especi-ally the poet. On the subject of poetry – I shall attend to the pseudo-Shelly, who’s effort accompanied said .bardic crown, personally. [sic]

The news, as usual, remains meagre. I can say however, that although still attached to H.Q. I no longer work in the ease and comfort of the signals office, but out in the frozen fields in a tender. Two days out there and a brass monkey couldn’t enjoy his rights.

Feeling rather chirpy, on Thursday we decided to go into town and take it apart. Having spent a pleasant afternoon we decided to spend a better evening. The beer was good. Having tasted blood I was prepared to roar. Would

[page break]

they let me? Not on your duff. Down came the shutters at 9 oclock. [sic] Talk about Eddie Hunts paradise. No beer after 9. It’s enough to make a man turn tee-total for life. I know why Scotchmen [sic] live in England.

The weather keeps much the same as in civilised places. When it keeps fine, its [sic] dry and its [sic] usually wet when it rains. The locals keep on shaking their heads and saying “Wait till [sic] it snows” – the trouble is I’ve no option. I’ve got to. From the tales I hear I shall finish up a snow-shoe expert.

Having settled down and decided to carry on the war from this remote fastness I am now getting a bit more used to the scenery and don’t hate it for so long every day. One reason being with the shorter days you don’t see so much of it. The heather is turning brown and will soon match the airmen.

I have your letter dated 21st. As the postmark is 26th either there has been some skulduggery and it wasn’t posted or the postal service is getting slack. I pray it is the latter. In your P.S. you say “If you cant [sic] get what you want where you are, let you know and you’ll get it”. Well I’d take advantage of that but what I want you can’t get. Or at least you can’t send it on – only how it felt.

[page break]

In “The Royal” I notice my agents are looking after my interests. I hope they have clinched a hard bargain as to royalties and sold the film rights to Hollywood. Though how Moloney will get on when it comes to signing his name on a contract – I don’t know. Personally I should have liked my lifes [sic] work printed on hand-made and hide bound – but suppose what they have done is the best.

I have booked my leave – so far – for January 10th. This as you will realise don’t mean a thing but being of an optimistic nature I thought I’d just try it out. If, by some freak of fortune, I get it on that date I hope some of you will have a few bobs left to help me celebrate my return from the back of beyond.

So “Tich” Mitchell has gone and become a gunner. Well, well, the war must now be moving to a climax – just one or two more out of the boys and I think we could break this affair wide open. And Herbert thinking of remustering to a pilot, eh? It’s a long hard road and only us supermen of the RAF know how hard. Mr Hunt will most likely come back with some dirty crack about the superman but as I never read his letters I shan’t know. But if he is not a bit more genteel

[page break]

than in his last letter, I shall apply for compassionate leave and come up and see him. Although, mind you, I enjoy some of his letters. Just shows you how your taste can deterioate. [sic]

As I am going to reply to a certain person within a few hours I shall close this brief epistle with my usual [deleted] forula [/deleted] formula. Remember me to anyone who cares to remember. Kiss Doug for me – or get Dave to do it. Thank everyone for the books. Don’t work yourself to death – until you have replied. Tell Cherry and Charlie the next flowers I wear round my hat I’ll pick off their graves.

Best of luck.


P.S. You thought that I was going to put in a dirty crack about Maloney here but you’re wrong – I can’t think of one dirty enough. P.



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