Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey writes that he has taken his final boards and he looking forward to celebrating. He notes that flying had interfered with his plans and that he is now waiting to find out the location of his gunnery course.





Envelope and four page handwritten letter


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Mr. W. Gunton.
Machine Room.
Waterlow and Sons Ltd.
Twyford Abbey Road
Park Royal
London N.W.10.

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1384535. LAC. Lamprey. P.H.
Hut. X35. A. Sqdn. [Squadron]
No. 1. Air Crew Wing.
RAF. Yatesbury.

Dear UNK.

This – despite the great pleasure I get out of writing to you – is the last letter I hope to write you from here. Today I took my final boards. My friends & [sic] I went through the exams like a devouring flame. Not only did I shake myself with my knowledge but I left a trail of awed and brow-beaten Flight-Sergeants in my wake.

Life – as you can see – has finally taken a very stiff right-hander from me and in consequence is treating me with the respect I deserve. Tomorrow

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[underlined] 2. [/underlined]

night I take the pins out and let my hair down. I shall go on a belt that will make a Roman holiday look like a Temperance meeting. My little cookie has decided to come down town with me. Things on that track are also going very well, thanks very much. She thinks I only behave that way with certain women – as a matter of fact I do. Still things are very very nice. Bags of food and what it takes to keep an airman happy.

Thank Bro. G. for his epistle and tell him I can now rest in peace knowing that I have the support of one of the old guard. Between us I shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t win this war. What he knows and what I do. Still – tell him to get his boy out of wireless unless he wants him to go as nutty as me. The course

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[underlined] 3. [/underlined]

is the biggest bind ever invented, he, Bro. G. wonders how I shall perform when I meet the real thing. All I can think is, that if his mob pushed them around last time, the combination of our qualities will make is as safe as the folder of No. 7.

I thought I should be off on another touch last week-end but they put us on flying again on Sunday. This bird man business is a hell of a bind at times, it interferes on quite a number of occasions with the normal life of an airman. The only thing not going home has done it has saved me wasting my strength trying to thumb a lift.

I heard from Bill Smith and he seems to be holding a nice quiet corner of the war down in his little hideout. I hope Cocky Warren finds things to his liking at his new job. I haven’t had a lot of time to write to either of the Three Stooges but I should think they

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are finding life just one round of misery and work – if not my wishes have let me down.

I am not doing much in the writing line until I know where I am posted to for my gunnery – I hope it will be Scotland or Barrow but as long as my tapes and brevet are only six weeks away I don’t care a lot. Remember me to all at home and keep the children clean.

All the best

[underlined]Pete. [/underlined]

Give my best wishes to Bert Hebley. I have received everything you sent. Thanks a lot.

[underlined] P. [/underlined]



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