Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey writes that he is now at a conversion unit undergoing aircrew training on heavies. Work is hard but they did manage a night in town at the weekend. He makes some comments on members of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force on the station. He concludes that he will try and write but Lancaster boys are busy.




Three page handwritten letter


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Sgt. Lamprey. P.
Sgt’s. Mess.
R.A.F. Lindholme.
Nr. Doncaster
[underlined] York[/underlined]

Dear Unk etc.
For some unknown reason I received a letter from you, in reply to the one posted last Thursday – or thereabout. If you think that by a swift return like that you can coerce me into writing more often you had better save what little energy you have. It definitely will not, repeat not, work. However, always the little gentleman, I thank you for it. The news it contains is not without its interest and the fact that Charlie has managed to boob on the later part of his course shows that he is at least learning his way around without a map. As for meeting him when on leave I should like to but think how awkward it would be for him to have to treat me with the respect due to a senior N.C.O. Of course I should never be too stuck up and would always nod to him.
Things are settling down a bit now and we are getting on with the nonsense of flying the big stuff. This place is known technically as a conversion unit. They do not, however, do the

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kind of conversion I want - back to civilian. As usual we start again from scratch and learn about everything in a different way. The stuff I have to forget is marvellous. They beat information into you at one place with one end of a blunt instrument and beat is out at another with the other end. At the rate I am learning I shall very soon know F.A. about everything and everything about F.A.
Town life – as seen by us – is practically non-existent these days. We did manage to get into town on Saturday night but as the last bus leaves at ten o’clock it doesn’t give the boys any scope at all. All making ready and no running on. And some of the stuff around is worth a couple of overlays. I don’t mind a bit of walking around but I bar twelve miles after a really big night. Still I suppose we shall find ways and means of getting here and there one of these days. It is a hard job to keep the brave boys of Bomber Command away from their right and lawful perquisites. Unfortuneately [sic] the station W.A.A.F.s have had too much dealing with air crew to go for a nice walk now and again. Evidently they get enough exercise with a

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[underlined] 3. [/underlined]
[RAF Crest]

bit of all-in wrestling behind the Y.M.C.A. so one can only hope for a new intake.
Other than the above little bothers, life is fair and warm. It is quite a good station for legitimate entertainments and must have been designed by an out-of-work A.C.2. as the place is fairly habitable. The flying is down to a minimum and nobody bothers us. I should imagine it is a bit of this calm before the storm business. Still as I say life is fairly sweet and it just goes to show what big strides the armed forces have made since the middle-ages when Bro. G. did his little bit.
There is no news that I can give you and the best plan is to shut up shop. Remember me to everyone. All the best.

P.S. Tell Wyn I will try and write but us Lancaster boys are very busy.



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